High Energy Physics Seminar Archive


Autumn 2017

Monday, September 25

         "Higgs Boson as a Probe in the Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model"
Suyog Shrestha,  The Ohio State University/ATLAS

Monday, October 30 @ 3:30pm

         "Was the Universe Radiation Dominated Before Big Bang Nucleosynthesis?"
         Tom Giblin, Kenyon College

Monday, November 13 @ 3:30pm in 1080 PRB

        "It's 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, but it might just work...Reaching the
        Ultra-low Background Regime in Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay"

Ben Jones, University of Texas at Arlington

Friday, November 17 @ 4pm

          "CP Violaton from a Symmetry Principle"
          Andreas Trautner, University of Bonn, Germany

Monday, November 20 @ 3:30pm

          "Astrophysical Signatures of Dark Matter Accumulation in Neutron Stars"
          Tim Linden, The Ohio State University

Monday, November 27 @ 3:30pm - Cancelled

         "Zero-Range Effective Field Theory for Resonant Wino Dark Matter"
         Evan Johnson, The Ohio State University

Tuesday, December 12 @  3:30pm

         "Aspects of Calabi-Yau Geometries"
         Vishnu Jejjala, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Sourth Africa

Spring 2017

Monday, January 9

        "Hydrogen Axion Star"
        Yang Bai, University of Wisconsin    

Monday, March 27 

         "Ultralight Repulsive Dark Matter"
Jiji Fan, Brown University

Autumn 2016

Monday, September 26 in 4138 PRB

        "Phenomenology of Vectorlike Lepton with Extended Higgs Sector"
        Seodong Shin, Indiana University

Monday, October 10 in 4138 PRB

         "Current and Future U.S. Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments: NOvA and DUNE"
Luke A. Corwin, South Dakota School of Mines

Monday, October 24 in 4138 PRB

         "Searching for Dark Matter at the LHC"
 Emma Tolley, Harvard

Monday, November 14 in 4138PRB

          "Reheating and Leptogenesis after Pati-Salam F-term Subcritical Hybrid Inflation"
 Zijie Poh, OSU

Spring 2016


Monday, February 29 

         "Renormalization Group Effects in Dark-Matter Direct Detection"
         Joachim Brod, TU Dortmund, Germany

Monday, March 7

         "Inclusive Higgs Production at Large Transverse Momentum"
         Hong Zhang, The Ohio State University

Monday April 18 @ 3pm in 4138 PRB

        "Searches for Neutrino-less Double Beta-Decary:a Decade of Discovery Ahead at the 

        David Nygren, UT Arlington


Autumn 2015

Thursday, September 3 - will be held in 2035PRB at 2:30pm

          "Conformal Blocks and AdS Gravity"
          Per Kraus, UCLA

Monday, October 26 @ 3:00pm in 4138 PRB

          "Effective Field Theory of Heavy WIMP Annihilation"
          Matthew Baumgart, CMU 

Thursday, December 3 @ 3:00pm PTBD

          "Quantum Tunneling in Bounded Landscapes"
Ali Masoumi, Tufts University

Thursday, December 10 @ 2:30 4138PRB

        "Hot Attractors"
Vishnu Jejjala, University of Witwatersrand


Spring 2015

Monday, January 26

          "Long Strings, Little Strings, and Fuzzballs" 
 Emil Martinec, University of Chicago

Monday, March 9

          "Coleman-Weinberg Higgs"
Hyung Do Kim, Princeton University

Monday, April 27

          "Multi-loop Corrections to Higgs Boson Production"
Bill Kilgore, Brookhaven National Lab

Monday,  May 11

        "Searching for Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter with X-rays"
Kenny Chun Yu Ng, OSU - CCAP

Friday,  May 22 - @ 11am in 3041 PRB

         "Search for Displaced Decays to Hadronic Jets with the ATLAS Detector"
Preema Pais, CERN


Autumn 2014

Monday, September 8

"Dynamics of 3D SUSY Gauge Theories With Generic Matter Representations"
Yuri Shirman, University of California, Irvine

Monday, September 15 

         "Making Sense of the XYZ Mesons from QCD"
         Eric Braaten, The Ohio State University, Dept of Physics

Monday, September 22

         "QCD Factorization for Heavy Quarkonium Production"
          Hong Zhang, The Ohio State University, Dept of Physics

Thursday, October 16 - 12:45PM in M2035PRB

"Dark Matter Search at ATLAS"
Ning Zhou, University of California, Irvine

Monday, November 3 - 3:00pm in 1080 PRB - Smith Seminar Room

"Evaluating Thhe Thermal WIMP Miracle In The Light Of Anomalies in 2014"
Kuver Sinha, Syracuse University



Spring 2014


Monday, January 6

"pQCD factorization for heavy quarkonium production and fragmentation functions"
Hong Zhang, Stonybrook University

Monday, January 13

"New Physics at the LHC"
Shreyashi Chakdar, Oklahoma State University

Friday, February 21

"How black holes burn: firewalls, smoke and mirrors"
Ramy Brustein

Monday, February 24

"Black holes and gravity: What makes them attractive?"
Herman Verlinde, Princeton University

Monday, March 10

"New signs of naturalness"
Nathaniel Craig, Rutgers University

Monday, March 17

"Exotic Higgs and Rare Z: Searching for New Physics in Multi-Photon Final States with the ATLAS Detector"
James Beacham, New York University

Monday, April 7

"Isotropization in Heavy-Ion Collisions at High Energy"
Francois Gelis (Saclay)
Joint Nuclear and High Energy seminar, 2:30pm PRB 4138

Monday, April 14

"Minimal Composite Higgs from new SU(3) gauge theory"
Kieran Holland (University of the Pacific)

Thursday, May 8 - 1:30 pm, Smith Seminar Room (1080 PRB)

"T-Quality for Massive States in String Theory"
Jnan Maharana (Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, India


Autumn 2013


Monday, September 16, 2013 - Combined HEPT and Nuclear Seminar

     Chiral symmetry breaking on light-like planes
     Silas Beane, University of Washington

Monday, October 28

     WIMP nucleon scattering with heavy WIMP effective theory
     Richard  Hill, University of Chicago

Monday, November 4

"The $m_D-b_M$ Problem of Dirac Gauginos and its Solutions"
Jessica Goodman, The Ohio State University

Wednesday, November 13

"Holographic Space-Time, the Super-BMS algebra, Unitarity and Information Loss"
Thomas Banks, Rutgers University and University of California Santa Cruz
Special time and location.

Monday, November 18

"These Mysterious Neutrinos"
Dmitry Zhuridov, Wayne State University

Monday, November 25

"Squark pair production at next-to-leading order"
Ryan Gavin, Paul Scherrer Institute

Monday, December 2

"The dark 3+1+1 model"
Jinrui Huang, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Spring 2013

Monday, January 7

"Boundary unitarity without firewalls"
Ted Jacobson, University of Maryland

Monday, January 14

"Y-Unification and the LHC"
Archana Anandakrishnan, The Ohio State University

Monday, January 21

University Closed

Monday, January 28

"B mesons on the lattice:  constraining physics beyond the Standard Model"
Chris Bouchard, The Ohio State University

Monday, February 4

"Non-external black hole microstates: Is Alice burning or fuzzing"
Andrea Puhm, CEA Saclay

Monday, March 4

Jack Laiho, Syracuse University

Monday, March 11

Spring Break

Monday, March 25

Chris Neu, Univeristy of Virginia

Monday, April 8

The Interplay Between the Top Quark and the Higgs Boson:How a discovery from a generation ago can help us understand the latest breakthrough in particle physics
Chris Neu, Univeristy of Virginia

Monday, April 15

"Recent Results from LHCb"
Marina Artuso, Syracuse University

Monday, April 22

Robert M. Wald, University of Chicago

Autumn 2012


Monday, September 10

A story of de- and re-coupling: superpotential de-sequestering in string models
Lukas Witkowski, University of Oxford

Monday, September 17

Axion Quality and Large Gauge Group Hidden Sectors
Linda Carpenter, OSU

Monday October 8

Catching Ghost Particles in Iron, Plastic & Oil: MINOS and NOvA Experiments
Luke Corwin, Indiana University

Monday, October 15

DOE Site Visit

Monday October 22
        (Location change to M2035)

Supersymmetric QCD: Exact Results and Strong Coupling
Guido Festuccia, The Institute For Advanced Study

Monday, October 29

Global  SU(5)  F Theory model
Stuart Raby, The Ohio State Univeristy

Monday, November 12

University Closed

Monday, December 3

Marco Chiodarli, Pennsylvania State University