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HEP Seminars

HEP Seminars


Spring 2024

*Seminars will take place Wednesdays at 3:00 PM ET in PRB 1136, unless otherwise specified


Wednesday, January 31st

Heterotic/F theory dual SU(5) model

Stuart Raby, OSU


Wednesday, February 7th

Using top quarks to probe nature's secrets

Brent Yates, OSU


Wednesday, March 6th

Evolution and properties of self-interacting dark matter subhalos

Carton Zeng, OSU


Wednesday, March 13th

Fivebrane Stars

Emil Martinec, University of Chicago


Wednesday, March 20th (room 4138)

TPrecision SMEFT with geoSMEFT

Adam Martin, Notre Dame University


Wednesday, March 27th (room 4138)

Heavy resonances decaying to top quark pairs

Titas Roy, University of Illinois, Chicago


Wednesday, April 3rd (room 4138)

Insights into black hole microstates from AdS3 holography

Marcel Hughes, The Ohio State University


Wednesday, April 10th (room 4138)

(P)reheating, Nonlinear Gravity and Primordial Black Holes

Tom Giblin, Kenyon College


Wednesday, April 17th (room 4138)

Rational 2d Conformal Field Theories on K3 manifolds

Christopher Keller, Arizona University


Wednesday, April 24th (room 4138)

Title: TBA

Speaker: TBA