Nuclear Physics Seminars

Nuclear Physics Seminars held Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. (as of SP19), in 4138 Physics Research Building, unless otherwise noted.

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Spring 2019

Wednesday, January 30 @ 3:30pm in M2035

         Dynamical Modeling of Relativistic Heavy-ion Collision: Correlations from Flows and Beyond
         Chun Shen, Wayne State University  

Wednesday, February 6 @ 3:30pm in M2035

          Multi-dimensional Hadron Structure from Lattice QCD with Large-Momentum Effective Theory
          Yong Zhao, MIT

Wednesday, February 20 @ 3:30pm

          Martha Constantinou, Temple University

Wednesday, March 6 @ 3:30pm

          Quantum Computing and Subatomic Physics: State of the Art, Challenges and Prospects
          Pavel Lougovski, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Autumn 2018

Monday, September 24 @ 10:30am in M2035

         Effective Theory for Collective Nuclei
         Toño Coello Pérez, UT Darmstadt 


Spring 2018

Thursday, February 15

           Nuclear Matter from Chrial Effective Field Theory
           Christian Drischler, University of California, Berkeley

Thursday, March 29

            Correlations, Fluctuations and the QCD Phase Diagram
            Volker Koch, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Thursday, April 5

            Probing Transverse Momentum Broadening in Heavy Ion Collisions
            Feng Yuan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Thursday, April 19

            Perturbative Calculation of Holonomy Potential at Finite Temperature Beyond One Loop
           Vladimir Skokov, RIKEN BNL Research Center


Autumn 2017

Thursday, September 7

            Looking for the Transition from Classical Fields to the Boltzmann Equation in Perturbation

             Bin Wu, The Ohio State University


Thursday, October 26

           New Effects in Hydrodynamics Induced by Quantum Anomaly
           Yi Yin, MIT