Nuclear Physics Seminars

Nuclear Physics Seminar held on Mondays at 1:30 p.m., 4138 Physics Research Building unless otherwise noted.

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Spring 2017

Tuesday, January 17

            Applications of Chiral Nuclear Forces up to N3LO to Nuclear Matter and Neutron Stars
            Christian Drischler (Institut f
ür Kernphysik, Technische Universität Darmstadt
            & ExtreMe Matter Institute EMMI-GSI)

Monday, February 20

            Jet Quenching in Heavy-Ion Collisons
            Guang-You Qin          

Autumn 2016

Monday, October 17 @ 1:30pm

           New Opportunities with Solar Neutrinos
           Shirley Li, The Ohio State University

Monday, October 24 @ 12:30pm           

           Universal Relations Between Nongaussian Fluctuations in Heavy-ion Collisions
           Jiunn-Wei Chen, National Taiwan University/MIT
           Faculty host: Ulrich Heinz

Thursday, October 27 @ 11:30am in 2128 PRB

          Baryogenesis After Sakharov and the Proton & Durteron EDM Searches at Storage Rings
          Nikolai N. Nikolaev, Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics
          Faculty host: Sabine Jeschonnek

Monday, December 5 @ 1:30pm place in 2015 PRB

         Divergence of the Gradient Expansion in Relativistic Fluids
         Jorge Noronha, Univeristy of Sao Paulo
         Faculty host: Urlich Heinz


Spring 2016


Monday, March 7 @ 1:30pm in 1080 PRB - Smith Seminar Room

          What is the Bulk Viscosity of QCD Matter?
          Gabriel Denicol, Brookhaven National Laboratory
          Faculty host: Ulrich Heinz

Monday, March 21 @ 1:30pm in 1080 PRB - Smith Seminar Room

          Three-Body Systems with Short-Range Interactions
          Jared Vanasse,  Ohio University
          Faculty host: Richard Furnstahl

Monday, March 28 @ 1:30pm in 1080 PRB - Smith Seminar Room

          Critical Dynamics and Search for QCD Critical Point
          Yi Yin, Brookhaven National Laboratory
          Facutly host: Richard Furnstahl

Monday, April 18 @ 3pm in 4138 PRB

         Searches for Neutrino-less Double Beta-Decay: a Decade of Discovery Ahead at the ton-scale?
         David Nygren, UT Arlington
         Faculty host: Harris Kagan

Thursday, May 12 @ 11:00am in 1080 PRB (Smith Seminar room)

          Recent Insights on Anisotropic Hydrodynamics
          Leonardo Tinti (Jan Kochanowski University)
          Faculty host: Ulrich Heinz      

Thursday, June 16 @ 2:00pm in 4138 PRB

          On Wave Turbulence in Non-Abelian Plasmas
          Yacine Mehtar-Tani, INT Seattle 
          Faculty host: Ulrich Heinz

Thursday June 30 @ 2:00pm in 4138 PRB

         Leading Log Resummation in High-Energy Parton Production in QCD Matter
         Bin Wu, The Ohio State University

Friday August 5 @ 10:00am in 1080 PRB

         A New Hadron Transport Approach for Heavy-ion Collisons
         Jan Staudenmaier, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies