Quantum Matter Seminars


Mondays @ 10:00am in 1080 Physics Research Building, Smith Seminar Room (unless otherwise noted)

Autumn 2023 

Seminar Archive

Autumn 2023

Monday, August 28 (Zoom)

Chirality and Non-Hermitian Skin Effect

Penghao Zhu, OSU

Monday, September 11 (In-Person)

Loss of Quasiparticles: from Strange Metals to Flat Bands

Qimiao Si, Rice

Wednesday, September 13 (In-Person)

Emergent Chirality and Conformal Symmetry from a Single Wave Function

Bowen Shi, UCSD

Monday, September 18 (In-Person)

Ultraslow Dynamics, Fragile Fragmentation, and Geometric Group Theory

Ethan Lake, MIT

Thursday, September 21st (In-Person, with the CEM)

Quantum Computing Using Electron Spins in Silicon

Mark Eriksson, University of Wisconsin

Monday, September 25 (In-Person)

Proper Correlation Measures: The Case with Rényi Mutual Information

Laimei Nie, Purdue

Monday, October 2 (In-Person)

From Wave-Function Collapse and Galois Solvability to the Realization of Non-Abelian Topological Order on a Quantum Device

Nathanan Tantivasadakarn, California Institute of Technology

Monday, October 9 (In-Person)

Chiral Andreev Edge States in the Quantum Hall Regime

Gleb Finkelstein, Duke

Monday, October 16 (In-Person, room 4138)

Pseudo-Goldstone Modes and Order-by-Disorder

Jeffrey Rau, Windsor

Monday, October 23 (In-Person, 4-5 PM)

Ergodicity Breaking in Quantum Dynamics

Rahul Nandkishore, Colorado Boulder

Monday, October 30 (rescheduled)

Monday, November 6 (In-Person)

Synthesis and Exploration of New Topological Magnetic Texture in Frustrated Magnets

Takashi Kurumaji, Caltech

Monday, November 13 (In-Person, 4-5 PM)

Engineering Topological Phases with a Superlattice Potential

Jennifer Cano, Stony Brook

Monday, November 20 (TBD)

Monday, November 27 (In-Person)

Local Topological Order and Boundary Algebras

David Penneys, OSU Department of Mathematics

Wednesday, November 29 (In-Person, 1-2 PM)

Inducing Non-Equilibrium Phases in Semiconductors with Time-Periodic Devices

Iliya Esin, Caltech

Monday, December 4 (TBD)

Monday, December 11 (TBD)