Physics Development Funds


Opportunities to make a difference in the lives of students, staff and faculty are numerous.  Please explore the funds listed below.  If you cannot find a fund that matches your interest in giving to Physics, please contact Rick Harrison for assistance in connecting your interests to needs in the Physics Department.


  • 301915  The Physics Building Fund: Contributions and Expenditures related to the PRB.
  • 310865 Physics Commons:  To create and maintain an area in the PRB which will be conducive to student/faculty interaction.
  • 302325  Physics Chairman’s Discretionary Fund: Provides the chair with the flexibility to fund small but urgent academic and research priorities as well as the ability to host important community building events within the department.
  • 302347 The Graduate Physics Fellowship Fund:  Fellowships are key to attracting the very best students. With tuition, fees and stipend, the yearly cost is nearing $40,000.
  • 308686 Physics Senior Alumni Award Fund: Reward Outstanding Senior Physics Major.
  • 309552 Helen Cowan Memorial Fund: Support of Undergraduate program in Physics.
  • 312254 Physics Graduate Research Fund: Provides support for research and related expenses for Graduate Students in Physics.
  • 312405 Undergraduate Women in Physics Service Scholarship:  Scholarship on basis of commitment to Physics/Engineering Physics and Physics Dept.  Service to Physics community and demonstrable financial need.
  • 312762 The Physics Faculty Research Support Fund: Funds to help with startup equipment for new faculty are urgently needed. A startup package for a single new faculty commonly reaches $1M.
  • 313441 Physics Outreach Fund: support community and school outreach for the Dept of Physics, including visit, demonstrations and other activities to promote Physics.
  • 313519 CCAPP Support Fund: To support the OSU Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics.
  • 313697 The William R. Riley “Excellence in Teaching Physics”Award – to award graduate students for teaching excellence in recitation or lab sections of course sequence Physics classes.
  • 313987  GRASP (Girls Reaching to Achieve in Sports and Physics) - supports ongoing outreach efforts to middle school girls with the message that physics can be fun.
  • 315288   Graduate Bridge Program Funds: support for Physics Graduate Bridge Program for under-represented minority students.
  • 315358   James L. Smith Student Support Fund:  provides scholarships for undergraduate physics majors at the discretion of the physics department chair or his/her designee.
  • 605783 Physics Dept Equipment:  Income and Principal, if needed, is used at the Discretion of the Department of Physics Chairperson.
  • 605784 E. Leonard Jossem Physics Education Advancement Fund: support graduate level students in college of NMS who are conducting physics education research.
  • 607394 Undergraduate Physics Research Endowment Fund Income provides Undergraduate Scholarship support for one or more students.
  • 641643 The Dr. David C. DeMartini Endowed Fund in Physics: provides scholarships for undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Physics.
  • 641080 The Robert P. Caren Family Endowment Fund: Stipends for undergraduate students who are conducting research supervised by members of Physics faculty.
  • 644728 McMaster Physics Research Fund: Income provides research support for a distinguished senior faculty member.
  • 647470 The Angela Marie and Mary Francis Valentino Physics Academic Achievement Scholarship Fund: Scholarships for highly talented prospective and/or current undergraduate physics major- renewable for four years with satisfactory progress.
  • 661080 The Bunny and Thomas Clark Scholarship Endowment Fund: Supports Educational Diversity at the university; Desire for the scholarship to be awarded with attention to Female Student enrolled in Dept of Physics.
  • 663159 The Dr. Clifford Heer Graduate Student Scholarship Award Fund in the Dept of Physics: annual scholarship awards to graduate students studying physics.
  • 664576 Harold McMaster Scholarship Fund in Physics: Scholarship support to high ability undergraduate students from the state of Ohio who intend to major in physics.
  • 665932 Dr. Pliny A. and Margaret H. Price Endowment Fund in the CCAPP – provide cash award to support promising your scholars visiting the CCAPP.