High Energy Physics Seminars

High Energy Seminar held at 3:30 p.m., in 4138 Physics Research Building
unless otherwise noted.  


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Spring 2019

Monday, February 4

Radovan Dermisek, Indiana University

Monday, February 11

       Miaoyuan Liu, FermiLab

Autumn 2018

Monday, September 17

         "Axion Stars"
Eric Braaten, The Ohio State University

Monday, October 1

        "The Past, Present and Future of F-theory Model Building"
Paul Oehlmann, Virginia Tech

Monday, October 15

         "Searches for Extra Dimensions with CMS"
         Conor Henderson, University of Alabama 

Monday, October 22

         "The Fate of a Contracting Universe and the Evolution of Stringy Black Holes"
Jerome Quentin, McGill University (Canada) 

Monday, October 29 @ TBD - CANCELLED

         "Probing New Physics Effects on the Radiation Amplitude Zero at the LHC"
Rodolfo Capdevilla, Notre Dame University   

Monday, November 5

        "Resolving the Weinberg Paradox with Topology"
John Terning, UC Davis

Spring 2018

Friday, January 19 @ 1:00pm in 4138PRB

         "Transverse Momemntum Observables for Drell-Yan Process"
 Daekyoung Kang, Fudan University, Shanghai

Friday, March 2 @ 1:30pm in 4138PRB

        "Nonthermal Neutrino Background"
        Michael Ratz, UC Irvine

Friday, April 13 @ 11:30am in M2035 PRB

        "Zero-Range Effective Field Theory for Resonant Wino Dark Matter"
Evan Johnson, The Ohio State University