High Energy Physics Seminars

High Energy Seminar held at 3:00 p.m., in 4138 Physics Research Building
unless otherwise noted.  


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Spring 2017

Monday, January 9 in 4138 PRB

        "Hydrogen Axion Star"
        Yang Bai, University of Wisconsin    


Autumn 2016

Monday, September 26 in 4138 PRB

        "Phenomenology of Vectorlike Lepton with Extended Higgs Sector"
        Seodong Shin, Indiana University

Monday, October 10 in 4138 PRB

         "Current and Future U.S. Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments: NOvA and DUNE"
Luke A. Corwin, South Dakota School of Mines

Monday, October 24 in 4138 PRB

         "Searching for Dark Matter at the LHC"
 Emma Tolley, Harvard

Monday, November 14 in 4138PRB

          "Reheating and Leptogenesis after Pati-Salam F-term Subcritical Hybrid Inflation"
Zijie Poh, OSU


Spring 2016


Monday, February 29 

         "Renormalization Group Effects in Dark-Matter Direct Detection"
         Joachim Brod, TU Dortmund, Germany

Monday, March 7

         "Inclusive Higgs Production at Large Transverse Momentum"
         Hong Zhang, The Ohio State University

Monday April 18 @ 3pm in 4138 PRB

        "Searches for Neutrino-less Double Beta-Decary:a Decade of Discovery Ahead at the 

        David Nygren, UT Arlington


Autumn 2015


Thursday, September 3 - will be held in 2035PRB at 2:30pm

          "Conformal Blocks and AdS Gravity"
          Per Kraus, UCLA

Monday, October 26 @ 3:00pm in 4138 PRB

          "Effective Field Theory of Heavy WIMP Annihilation"
          Matthew Baumgart, CMU 

Thursday, December 3 @ 3:00pm PTBD

          "Quantum Tunneling in Bounded Landscapes"
Ali Masoumi, Tufts University

Thursday, December 10 @ 2:30 4138PRB

        "Hot Attractors"
Vishnu Jejjala, University of Witwatersrand



Spring 2015

Monday, January 26

          "Long Strings, Little Strings, and Fuzzballs" 
Emil Martinec, University of Chicago

Monday, March 9

          "Coleman-Weinberg Higgs"
Hyung Do Kim, Princeton University

Monday, April 27

          "Multi-loop Corrections to Higgs Boson Production"
Bill Kilgore, Brookhaven National Lab

Monday,  May 11

        "Searching for Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter with X-rays"
Kenny Chun Yu Ng, OSU - CCAP

Friday,  May 22 - @ 11am in 3041 PRB

         "Search for Displaced Decays to Hadronic Jets with the ATLAS Detector"
Preema Pais, CERN