High Energy Physics Seminars


High Energy Seminar held at 3:30 p.m., in 4138 Physics Research Building
unless otherwise noted.  


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Autumn 2019

Monday, September 16

       "Double Heavy Baryons and Corrections to Heavy Quark-Diqquark Symmetry"
 Abhishek Mohapatra, Duke University

Monday, September 30

       "Higgs Boson Decay as a Probe to New Physics Beyond the Standard Model"
Chunhui Chen, Iowa State University

Monday, October 21

       "WIMP Dark Matter in the Parity Solution to the Strong CP Problem"
Junichiro Kawamura, The Ohio State University

Monday, October 28

        "The S-matrix Proposal"
Jnanadev Maharana (IOP Bhubaneshwar)

Monday, November 4

       "Recent Results in Neutrino Oscillation Theory"
Peter Denton, Brookhaven National Lab

Spring 2019

Monday, February 4

        "IR Fixed Point Pattern of Couplings in the Standard Model"
Radovan Dermisek, Indiana University

Monday, February 11

       "Using Electroweak Bosons and the Higgs Boson to Probe New Physics at the LHC and
       Upgrades of the SMS Detector to Maximize the Chances of Such a Discovery"

       Miaoyuan Liu, FermiLab

Monday, February 18

       "Non-Universal Gaugino Masses in MSSM and NMSSM"
       Junichiro Kawamura, The Ohio State University

Monday, April 8  - CANCELLED

       Glenn Starkman, Case Western