High Energy Physics Seminars


High Energy Seminar held on Monday at 3:30 p.m., in 4138 Physics Research Building
unless otherwise noted.  


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Spring 2021

Monday, January 11 @ 3:30PM - Zoom presentation

       "Witnessing Quantum Gravity in a Laboratory via Miniaturist Quantum Accelerator"
Anupam Mazumdar, University of Groningen

Autumn 2020


Monday, August 24 @ 3:30PM - Zoom presentation

       "Search for single production of a Vector-Like partner of the bottom quark in the bH(bb) final state in pp     collisions at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector."
       Marco Montella (University College London)

 Friday, October 9 @  3:00pm - Zoom presentation

       "New Bounds on Hard to Reach SUSY Spectra Through Collider Searches"
Humberto Gilmer (The Ohio State University)

Monday, October 26 @ 3:30pm - Zoom presentation

       "Stable, Ghost-free Solutions in UV Non-local Gravity"
       Shubham Maheshwari - University of Groningen

Summer 2020

Monday,  June 1 - 3:30 Zoom presentation

       "ATLAS Monojet Run-II Analysis & MinBias Measurements with the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter"
       Rachel Rosten, IFAE, Barcelona, Spain

Monday, June 29 - 3:30 Zoom presentation

       "The Higgs self-coupling"
       Eleonora Rossi, Università degli Studi Roma Tre


Spring 2020

Monday, January 13

      "Dark Matter Meets Quantum Gravity"
Juri Smirnov, The Ohio State University

Tuesday, January 21 @ 1pm  SPECIAL DAY AND TIME

       "Searching for Long-lived Particles (Far) Beyond the Tracker"
Matthew Citron, CERN

Tuesday, January 28 @ 10:00am in 4138 PRB  SPECIAL DAY AND TIME

       "Perspectives and Questions: Meditations on the Future of Particle Physics"
Chris Quigg, Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Wednesday, January 29 @ 1pm in 4138 PRB  SPECIAL DAY AND TIME

       "The Final Testament of the Standard Model"
 Suyog Shrestha, CERN

Monday, February 10

       "Dark Matter-Electron Scattering with Liquid Scintillators"
Ben Lillard, University of Illinois

Monday, February 24

      "Metastable Vacua in Large-N QCD"
Guido Festuccia, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

Tuesday, February 25 @ 10am IN 1080 PRB - SPECIAL DATE AND TIME

      "The New Physics Scale: Neutrinos, Dark Matter and the LHC"
Pavel Fileviez Perez, Case Western Reserve University

Monday, March 2

      "A CMB Millikan Experiment with Cosmic Axiverse Strings"
Anson Hook, University of Maryland


Autumn 2019

Monday, September 16

       "Double Heavy Baryons and Corrections to Heavy Quark-Diqquark Symmetry"
 Abhishek Mohapatra, Duke University

Monday, September 30

       "Higgs Boson Decay as a Probe to New Physics Beyond the Standard Model"
Chunhui Chen, Iowa State University

Monday, October 21

       "WIMP Dark Matter in the Parity Solution to the Strong CP Problem"
Junichiro Kawamura, The Ohio State University

Monday, October 28

        "The S-matrix Proposal"
Jnanadev Maharana (IOP Bhubaneshwar)

Monday, November 4

       "Recent Results in Neutrino Oscillation Theory"
Peter Denton, Brookhaven National Lab

Spring 2019

Monday, February 4

        "IR Fixed Point Pattern of Couplings in the Standard Model"
Radovan Dermisek, Indiana University

Monday, February 11

       "Using Electroweak Bosons and the Higgs Boson to Probe New Physics at the LHC and
       Upgrades of the SMS Detector to Maximize the Chances of Such a Discovery"

       Miaoyuan Liu, FermiLab

Monday, February 18

       "Non-Universal Gaugino Masses in MSSM and NMSSM"
       Junichiro Kawamura, The Ohio State University

Monday, April 8  - CANCELLED

       Glenn Starkman, Case Western