High Energy Physics Seminars


High Energy Seminar held at 3:30 p.m., in 4138 Physics Research Building
unless otherwise noted.  


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Autumn 2019


Spring 2019

Monday, February 4

        "IR Fixed Point Pattern of Couplings in the Standard Model"
Radovan Dermisek, Indiana University

Monday, February 11

       "Using Electroweak Bosons and the Higgs Boson to Probe New Physics at the LHC and
       Upgrades of the SMS Detector to Maximize the Chances of Such a Discovery"

       Miaoyuan Liu, FermiLab

Monday, February 18

       "Non-Universal Gaugino Masses in MSSM and NMSSM"
       Junichiro Kawamura, The Ohio State University

Monday, April 8  - CANCELLED

       Glenn Starkman, Case Western

Autumn 2018

Monday, September 17

         "Axion Stars"
Eric Braaten, The Ohio State University

Monday, October 1

        "The Past, Present and Future of F-theory Model Building"
Paul Oehlmann, Virginia Tech

Monday, October 15

         "Searches for Extra Dimensions with CMS"
         Conor Henderson, University of Alabama 

Monday, October 22

         "The Fate of a Contracting Universe and the Evolution of Stringy Black Holes"
Jerome Quentin, McGill University (Canada) 

Monday, October 29 @ TBD - CANCELLED

         "Probing New Physics Effects on the Radiation Amplitude Zero at the LHC"
Rodolfo Capdevilla, Notre Dame University   

Monday, November 5

        "Resolving the Weinberg Paradox with Topology"
John Terning, UC Davis

Spring 2018

Friday, January 19 @ 1:00pm in 4138PRB

         "Transverse Momemntum Observables for Drell-Yan Process"
 Daekyoung Kang, Fudan University, Shanghai

Friday, March 2 @ 1:30pm in 4138PRB

        "Nonthermal Neutrino Background"
        Michael Ratz, UC Irvine

Friday, April 13 @ 11:30am in M2035 PRB

        "Zero-Range Effective Field Theory for Resonant Wino Dark Matter"
Evan Johnson, The Ohio State University