Summer Research Projects Showcased During Poster Session

July 19, 2019

Summer Research Projects Showcased During Poster Session

student and judges next to poster

Twenty three undergraduate physics and engineering physics majors participated in this summer's 10-week long Physics Undergraduate Research Program. Yesterday they discussed their research projects with faculty and other students during a poster session hosted by the Physics Undergraduate Studies Office. 


  • Danielle Bingman, Delving in to Nucleosome Accessibility under the Regulation of Linker Histone Protein H1.0
  • Chaosong Chen, Jet Algorithms Validation and Software Development in Search for New Physics with Two Higgs Bosons
  • Noah Donald, Phase Transitions in Quantum Spin Liquids: Anisotropic Kitaev Honeycomb Model in a Magnetic Field
  • Michael Ferrarelli, Charge Motion in Quantum Spin Liquids
  • Boyu Gao, Constraining Dark Matter
  • Jiasheng He, Density Distribution of Dark Matter Subhaloes
  • Nathan Lachner, Toward Construction of a Tip and Sample Preparation Chamber
  • Luca Lavezzo, Data Analysis for MilliQan Experiment
  • Connor Luellen, Development of Scanned Probe Magnetic Imaging Using NV Centers in Diamond
  • Brandon Manley, Data Analysis for MilliQan Experiment
  • Joey Masters, Thin Exfoliated Films of Layered Materials
  • Sahar Nikkah, Digital Intensity Interferometry
  • Emily Osborne, Hydrodynamic Differentiation of Magnetic Microswimmer Trajectories
  • Feng Qian, Linear Optical Quantum Circuit for Performing the Quantum Fourier Transform
  • Cade Sbrocco, Simulation of Radar Technique for Neutrino Detection
  • Ryo Shinohara, ATLAS Detector: Search for Long-Lived Z Boson
  • Noah Smith, Hydrodynamics of Bacterial Surface Scattering
  • Niko Stamos, Construction and Analysis of Vacuum Apparatus for Strong Field Simulation
  • Jenna Thuma, Nucleosome Dynamics and Transcription of Factor Binding in the Presence of Unmodified PTM H1.2
  • Clark Van Lieshout, Galaxy Bias in DES Y1
  • Connor Winter, Developing a 1Hz Thomson Parabola Spectrometer
  • Zhenyu Wu, Signal Monte Carlo Generation and Validation in Search for New Physics with Two Higgs Bosons
  • Christian Zupan, Study of Plasmonic Interactions Using DNA Origami-Nanoparticle Composites in an Optical Tweezers Setup

Thank you to the judges:

  • John Beacom
  • Antonio Boveia
  • Amy Connolly
  • Jack Elvin-Poole
  • Lou DiMauro
  • Jay Gupta
  • Chris Hammel
  • Kevin Ingles
  • Harris Kagan
  • Kelly Luo
  • Nicholas Marco
  • Christopher Pierce
  • Michael Poirier
  • Steven Prohira
  • Nandini Trivedi
  • Hiran Wijesinghe
  • Gabriel Vasquez

Program Funding
A huge thank-you to the scholarship donors who make this program possible. 

  • Robert P. Caren Family Endowment Fund
  • The Captain Forrest R. Biard Undergraduate Research Scholarship Fund in Physics
  • The Bunny C. Clark Student Support Fund
  • James L. Smith Student Support Fund

Pictures from the event can be seen on the OSU Physics Flickr page

wide angle view of research poster session