PhD Exam & Thesis Info


Information for completing your degree can be found at Completing your Degree   (See also completing degree requirements in Graduate School Handbook.)

Graduate School Final Semester Procedures


Please contact the Physics Graduate Studies office with ANY questions.


Timeline for finishing PhD


What To Do

Before final semester

Student: Discuss with Advisor when to schedule PhD exam. You must be enrolled for the term you will finish your degree.

Faculty Advisor: Discuss with student expectations for written thesis (eg., scope) and any possible ODS accommodations.


Before start of term and no later than 2nd Friday after a term starts  see graduation calendar:

Student: Submit "Application to Graduate" on

Faculty Advisor: Approve "Application to Graduate" form to approve student's intent to schedule oral exam and submit thesis before end of the term.

Graduate Studies Office: Review degree requirements and approve "Application to Graduate" form.



First week of term


Student: Set and confirm PhD Oral Exam date with advisor and your other 3 committee members.


At least 3 weeks before date of PhD Oral Exam

Student: Deliver draft copy of dissertation to your committee for their review to certify that your are ready to defend. (Draft should include all sections but does not need to be the final version.)

Student: Submit “Application for Final Exam” form on to officially register with the Graduate School to schedule the date of your PhD Oral Exam.


No later than 14 days before PhD Oral Exam date

Faculty Advisor and Committee members: Approve “Application for Final Exam” form via no later than 14 days before exam date.

Student: Monitor your approvals for your “Application for Final Exam” form on on the history tab. Status Pending means department approvals needed.  Pending-GS means all department approvals received and pending Graduate School approval. Pending GS will be the status on your form until a few days before your oral defense date.


No later than 14 days before PhD Oral Exam date

Student: undergo dissertation format check by/at the Graduate School. See xxx for more information.



Approximately 7 days before PhD Oral Exam date

Student: Per email from Graduate School Graduation Services office, deliver copy of dissertation to Graduate Faculty Representative.

Student: Check logistics of exam including room, projector, zoom or other video application for any members participating remotely.  (See PDF for using Zoom for oral defense.)

Day of PhD Oral Exam

Student: Deliver your defense.

Faculty Advisor and Committee members: Within 24 hours, record approval on "Report on Final Examination" form


Day After PhD Oral Exam


Student: Verify all committee members recorded their approval on your "Report on Final Examination" form on under the History tab. Monitor for associated deadlines for current semester graduation or End of Semester (EOS) option.


Before deadline to submit final dissertation. (link to calendar TBD)

Student: Make revisions to written thesis as specified by committee and submit to advisor.   

Student: Create new registrion for Ohio Link here.  You must use your as your email address as no other email will work.  After receiving a password via email, you can reset your password and log in to your account. 

Advisor: Review final written thesis and enter approval on "Report on Written Report" form on



Deadline 8 am for business day for current semester graduation or End of Semester (EOS) option. (see calendar)


Student:  To upload your thesis on OhioLink according to the associated deadlines for current semester graduation or End of Semester (EOS) options, from their right menu select Electronic Thesis Dissertation Center (ETD) and you lang on their search page for dissertaions. At the top right of the page, click "Submit your Thesis or Dissertation" text and then "Go to ETD Submission Site" link on that page and that finally takes you to the login page.    Please note that multiple parts, such as the abstract, must be uploaded individually and checked for formatting. Also, you must enter your committee names, key words for search results, and select information about copyright and publication which will take 15-45 min if you check all your information.


under construction

TBD guidelines for oral exam (including the public portion vs. committee & student only

TBD guideline for the written thesis