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Recently updated Graduate Student *policy info for student petitions about academic standing to the Graduate Studies Committee:

  -April 2019 from the Physics Graduate Studies committee for a change in the Petition to Graduate Studies for Academic Standing:   The C&D committee recommends changes to the way in which individual student cases are discussed in Graduate Studies when issues such as academic standing, appeals to take the candidacy exam with partial course credit, etc. are being discussed…we advocate…the designation of a faculty advocate for the student in question. The Faculty Advocate is chosen by the student. In many cases, if the student has a thesis advisor, that advisor would be the natural choice for the Faculty Advocate. Should the student not have a thesis advisor (i.e. the student is a 1st or 2nd year), or if the thesis advisor would be inappropriate due to the nature of the discussion, or if the student simply prefers a different Faculty Advocate, the student is free to ask any faculty member in the Department of Physics that they feel would serve as their best advocate.

*Note this policy addendum is pending addition to the Physics Department Graduate Handbook that is currently under revision.  Please contact the Physics Grad Studies office for copy of prior version.  This policy is in effect and it will be added to the handbook.

Physics Department Graduate Handbook:   

                             Under Revision - please see web pages under the "Current Students" heading for current students for the updated information on the Physics graduate program information including course requirements under semesters, candidacy exam process and eligibility, and graduate appointment information.


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