Enrollment Reminder


Enrollment Reminder:

  • Please enroll for Autumn and everyone must have completed their FULL time enrollment by Tuesday August 18th,  a week before classes start on Tuesday August 25th.  Procrastinate At Your Own Peril.
  • Step one for registering is that everyone needs to CLEAR their Financial Responsibility Statement FIRST which can be found by clicking on your To Do item labeled that on the right menu in SIS.  
  • You should always verify after you submit your course registration how many credit hours you registered for as you have to change the default of 1 credit hour when registering for Physics 7998 or 8999 research and it is easy to forget to do that.
  • The Last Day you can ADD a full semester course ONLINE is Friday August 28th, first Friday of the term!
  • Deadlines Matter!  You can’t change your mind for enrolling or dropping any course AFTER the first Friday of a term as the First Friday is the deadline for a full refund of tuition.
  • Remember, you should always ADD FIRST then DROP LAST. : )   SIS will not warn you that you won’t be able to add a full semester course after the first Friday as the online drop window is open until the 3rd Friday.   Please check with the Grad studies office if you need to make any changes to your schedule after the fee payment deadline.
  • All PRE Candidacy students for Graduate support titles (GAA, GTA, GRA):    Autumn & Spring terms: 8 credit hours minimum but I recommend 12 credit hours; Summer Term: 4 credit hours. Please use Physics 7998 (non-thesis research) for the full semester session that begins August 25 in addition to your course(s). 
  • All PRE Candidacy students on Fellowship or GRA GS-Match funding):   Autumn and Spring terms: 12 credit hours; Summer Term: 6 credit hours. Please use Physics 7998 (non-thesis research) for the full semester session that begins on August 25 in addition to your course(s). 
  • All POST Candidacy students for all Graduate or Fellow support titles:   3 credit hours ONLY, likely for Physics 8999 (Thesis Research).  If you plan to take a course, please only register for that course if it is 3 credit hours. If it is a 1 or 2 credit hour course, then you would register for the balance of credit hours in Physics 8999. Auditing a course will NOT count toward your credit hours for your employment status therefore you will need to discuss auditing with your advisor AND the Graduate Studies office as it will need to be as additional course registration over your 3 credit hours of Physics 8999 research.  
  • All POST Candidacy students: you will need advisor permission copied to the Graduate studies office to pre-approve anyone registering for extra credit hour(s) over 3 since there will be an extra amount charged for tuition if you go over 3. For post candidacy GTAs, this will require the Graduate Studies office permission working with Prof. Gramila for pre-approval.
  • POST Candidacy students that are Dissertation year Fellows, you will need to have the permission from the Graduate school to take a formal class, so anything that is not Physics 8999 research.  You should contact Kris Dunlap for assistance with this process if you decide to take a formal course during your dissertation year and you are on a Graduate School Fellowship.