Condensed Matter Theory Seminars 2016-2017


Mondays At 11:30 am

PRB 1080 - Smith Seminar Room

Spring 2017

Monday, February 06

          "Monopole Condensation" Transition out U(1) Quantum Spin Liquid: Application to Pr2Ir2O7"

           Gang Chen
           Fudan University, Department of Physics, Shanghai, China

Autumn 2016


Monday, August 29

           " The half-filled Landau level: the case for Dirac composite fermions "

             Michael Zalatel
             Station Q, Microsoft Research

Monday, October 3

           "Five dimensional generalization of the topological Weyl semimetal"
            Biao Lian (Stanford University)

Monday, October 31

           "Potential Inhomogeneities in Presence of Strong Interactions: Birth and Death of Super Conductors"
            Rajdeep Sensarma (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Monday, November 7

           "Symmetry constraints and topological phases far from equilibrium"
            Romain Vasseur (University of California, Berkeley)

Monday, December 5

           "Solvable model for a dynamical quantum phase transition from fast to slow scrambling"
            Sumilan Banerjee (Weizmann Institute of Science)