Quantum Matter Seminars



Mondays @ 11:30 am in 1080 PRB Smith Seminar Room (unless otherwise noted)

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Seminar Archive

Spring 2020


Thursday, January 9 and 10 - SPECIAL SEMINARS
Maciej Maska,  University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland

Thursday, January 9 @ 11:30am

     "Topological Superconductivity in a Chain of Magnetic Atoms"    

Friday, January 10 @ 3:00pm in 4138 PRB - Quantum Information Seminar series 

     "Learning by Confusion Identification and Characterization of Phase Transitions"

Friday, January 24 @ 11:00am

     "Signatures of Topological Ground State Degeneracy in Majorana Islands"
Jukka Vayrynen,  MicroSoft

Monday, February 3

     "Mathematics of Operator Growth in Quantum Many-body Systems"
 Andy Lucas, University of Colorado

Monday, February 10

     "Spatially Dispersive Charge Currents in Three Material Contexts"
Zachariah Addison, University of Pennsylvania

Monday, February 17

     "Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Weyl Semi-metals"
 Anton Burkov, University of Waterloo

Monday, May 4 @ 11:30 - Zoom

     "Fractons: A New Type of Particle"
Michael Pretko, University of Colorado, Boulder


Autumn 2019

Monday, September 16

      "Disorder and Interaction in Chiral Chains: Life at the Infinite Randomness Fixed Point"
Jonas Karcher,  Karlsruhe

Monday, September 23

      "Chiral Topological Semimetals: Beyond Weyl Fermions"
Barry Bradlyn, UIUC

Thursday, October 10 @ 11:30a

      "Fracton Order: From Quantum Hard Drive to Foliated Manifold"
Xie Chen, CalTech

Tuesday, October 22

      "Magnetic Interactions in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides"
      Oscar Avalos-Ovando, Ohio University


Spring 2019

Monday January 14

           "Surface State Transport in 3D Topological Instulators"
Nadya Mason, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign

Monday, February 4  CANCELLED

           "Upper Bounds on the Superfluid Stiffness and Superconducting Tc: Applications
to Twisted-bilayer Graphene and Ultra-cold Fermi Gases"
          Mohit Randeria, The Ohio State University

Monday March 18 in 4138 PRB  CANCELLED

Chong Wang, Permeter Insitute

Monday, March 25 @ 1:30 in 4138PRB

           "A Universal Operator Growth Hypothesis"
           Ehud Altman, UC Berkeley

Monday, April 1 @ 12:00p

           "Emergent Mode and Bound States in Single-component Fermionic Systems"
           Roger Mong, University of Pittsburgh

Monday, April 15

           "Entanglement Signatures of Emergent Dirac Fermions: Kagome Spin Liquid and Quantum

 William Witczak-Krempa, University of Montreal

Autumn 2018

Monday, September 24, 1136 PRB

          "Synthetic Topological Defects and Synthetic Spaces in Ultracold Atoms"
          Qi Zhou
          Purdue University  

Monday, October 29

         "The Global Phase Diagram of 1-D SYK Model"
         Xin Dai
         The Ohio State University

Monday, November 5

         "Sign Structure, Ground State Degeneracy and Spin Currents in Doped Mott Insulator"
Wayne Zheng
         The Ohio State University

Tuesday, November 13

         "Variational Approach for Quantum Simulation"
         Tim Hsieh
         Perimeter Institute

Monday, November 19

        "Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking from Anyon Condensation"
        Corey Jones
        The Ohio State University

Monday, December 3

         "Higher Order Topological Phases: Quadrupoles, Metameterials and Beyond"
        Taylor Hughes
         University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Monday, December 10

Spring 2018

Monday, April 02

               "Deconfined Quantum Critically on the Triangular Lattice"       
              Alex Rasmussen

Monday, March 12

              "Machine learning approaches to entangled quantum states"
              Xiaopeng Li
              Fudan University

Monday, January 22

              "Reactive Nanosystems"               
              Priya Vashishta
              University of Southern California

Wednesday, February 21

             "Entanglement entropy in non-Hermitian critical spin chains"                 
              Romain Couvreur
              ENS Paris-Saclay

Monday, April 9 @ 2:30pm in 4138 Physics Research Building

              "Entanglement in Higher-Dimensional Critical Systems"
              Roger Melko
              University of Waterloo and Perimeter Institute, Canada

Autumn 2017

Monday, September 11 (cancelled until further notice)

              Max Metlitski, MIT

Thursday, September 14

               "One dimensional time-translation symmetry breaking: from power laws to classical
               dynamical systems"

              Norman Yao
              UC Berkeley

Monday, September 18

              "Topology meets geometry in crystalline topology phases"
Michael Hermele
              Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

Monday, September 18

              "Pseudo-Landau levels in strained nodal superconductors"
Arun Paramekanti
              University of Toronto

Monday, October 30

              "New phase transitions and Ising glasses in the quantum quasiperiodic Ising chain"
              Anushya Chandra
              Boston University

Monday, November 13

              "Signatures of gapless boundary modes in Kitaev spin liquids"
Fionna Burnell
              Univ. of Minnesota


Spring 2017

Monday, February 06

  "Monopole Condensation" Transition out U(1) Quantum Spin Liquid: Application to 
  Gang Chen
  Fudan University, Department of Physics, Shanghai, China

Monday, March 20

            "Emergent spacetime supersymmetry in 2D and 3D topological phases"
Hong Yao
            Tsinghua University

Monday, March 27

           "Far-from-equilibrium superfluidity: quenches and delights"
Maxim Dzero
           Kent State University           

Monday, April 17

           "Quantum phase transtitions in square lattice SU(N) and SO(N) magnets"
          Ribhu Kaul
           University of Kentucky

Monday, April 18

           "Bulk-boundary coorespondence for three dimensional toplogical phases"
          Michael Levin
          University of Chicago


Autumn 2016

Monday, August 29

       "The half-filled Landau level: the case for Dirac composite fermions"
       Michael Zalatel                                   
       Station Q, Microsoft Research

Monday, October 3

       "Five dimensional generalization of the topological Weyl semimetal"
       Biao Lian
       Stanford University

Monday, October 31

       "Potential Inhomogeneities in Presence of Strong Interactions: Birth and Death of Super

       Rajdeep Sensarma
       Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Monday, November 7

       "Symmetry constraints and topological phases far from equilibrium"
       Romain Vasseur
       University of California, Berkeley

Monday, December 5

       "Solvable model for a dynamical quantum phase transition from fast to slow scrambling"
       Sumilan Banerjee
       Weizmann Institute of Science