Student Organizations


Undergraduate Physics Student Organizations 2018-2019

The Ohio State University offers nearly a thousand students organizations. The Department of Physics is home to three of these organizations and are open to undergraduate physics and engineering physics majors and anyone interested in the group's mission.  We encourage our majors to get involved in at least one of the following organizations.

Society of Physics Students (SPS)

The purpose of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) is to promote the development of physics students through interactions with fellow students, faculty, and visiting physicists.  Meetings are held every other week and consist of talks from faculty to outside speakers on divers topics in physics, and lab tours. Visit the SPS Website for additional information.

President: Shreyas Muralidharan (
Vice President: Omar Mansour (
Secretary: Lucas Smith (
Treasurer: Ebraheem Farag (
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Perry (

Sigma Pi Sigma: Physics Honor Society

Sigma Pi Sigma exists to honor outstanding scholarship in physics, to encourage interest in physics among all students, to promote an attitude of service of its members toward their fellow students, colleagues, and the public, and to provide a fellowship of persons who have excelled in physics. The main activities of the society involve outreach projects to enhance the teaching of science in middle and high schools in Ohio. More information is available on the Sigma Pi Sigma Website.

President: Stephen Gant (
Vice President: Will Hoffer (
Secretary: Whitney Powers (
Treasurer: Nick Kyriacou (
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jay Gupta (

Society for Women in Physics

The Society for Women in Physics was created to encourage female students to become interested in the fields of science, engineering, and technology and to network with students and faculty in those fields.  Activities of the Society for Women in Physics include arranging for physicists to visit campus to talk about their research and accomplishments and outreach projects such as mentoring and helping with the GRASP Summer Camp. Additional information about the organization, including meeting times and a list of scheduled events, can be found on the Society for Women in Physics Website.

Student Officers:

  • Amber Byrum (
  • Seth Kurfman (
  • Keith McBride (
  • Blythe Moreland (
  • Carola Purser (
  • Bryan Reynolds (
  • Rebekah Smith (
  • Sri Suresh (
  • Jorge Torres Espinosa (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Annika Peter (
Administrative Advisor: Rachel Page (