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Alexandra Landsman

Dr. Alexandra Landsman

Alexandra Landsman

Associate Professor


Physics Research Building, 4186

Professional Work

Our group studies the ensuing dynamics when ultrashort light shines on atoms, molecules and condensed matter systems.  These ultra-short flashes of light are on a time scale of attoseconds (10^(-18) seconds) to femtoseconds (10^(-15) seconds), which is fast enough to capture the motion of bound electrons inside matter.  To quote the 2018 Nobel Prize Physics website:  “Extremely small objects and incredibly fast processes now appear in a new light.”  The ultimate goal is accurate imaging and control of electron dynamics on the attosecond time-scale. 

We use variety of numerical and analytic methods, ranging from the solution of the Schrodinger equation to classical and semiclassical approaches to techniques from nonlinear dynamical systems.