STEMcoding Black Hole Videos Go Viral!

July 12, 2019

STEMcoding Black Hole Videos Go Viral!

STEMcoding Video Clip

Professor Chris Orban recently wrote on the STEMcoding website about the group's collaboration with the popular Coding Train YouTube channel. NYU arts professor Dan Shiffman, who runs Coding Train, contacted Dr. Orban to ask for help writing code that would use simulated data to create a picture of a black hole. The motivation behind this was fueled by the recent first images of gas falling into a supermassive black hole which were taken by a global radio astronomy collaboration called the Event Horizon Telescope.

Since the release, the Coding Train YouTube video on black holes has been viewed 85,000 times.


Pictured below: a screenshot from the Black Hole video released by the Coding Train YouTube channel. Prof. Orban and grad student Amy Sardone appear in the inset.

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