Prof. Tin-Lun (Jason) Ho awarded TOPTICA BEC Lifetime Award

August 17, 2021

Prof. Tin-Lun (Jason) Ho awarded TOPTICA BEC Lifetime Award

Jason Ho

The TOPTICA Senior and Junior BEC (Bose-Einstein Condensation) Awards 2021 honor outstanding research in Experimental and/or Theoretical Physics of Quantum Degenerate Atomic Gases.   The senior prize recognizes a specific work that is firmly established and has significantly advanced the field of quantum degenerate gases. The junior prize recognizes outstanding work by a young scientist for independent research early in his or her academic career.

The newly established TOPTICA BEC Award for Lifetime Achievements 2021 recognizes longstanding important contributions to the field. Prof. Ho is the inaugural awardee of the Lifetime Achievement award for his longstanding broad contributions to our understanding of ultracold quantum gases. The past awardees of other TOPTICA Prizes are also winners of other major prizes in Europe and the US.

Each prize consists of a 2500 Euro cash award and a certificate citing the contributions of the recipients. The prizes are awarded under the auspices of the biannual BEC conference in San Fellu, Spain and are sponsored by TOPTICA Photonics AG.



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