Dietrich Kiesewetter, a graduate student in Prof. DiMauro's group and U Virginia colleague published in NATURE

October 5, 2017
Dietrich Kiesewetter image

Researchers have—for just a fraction of a second—glimpsed an electron’s-eye view of the world.  Read all about it at  and the NATURE article at



Illustration of research by DiMauro and ColleaguesThis drawing illustrates the path of packets of light waves (blue dashed line, moving right to left), as they hit an atom (white sphere with green nucleus) and an electron is knocked free (purple dashed line, moving left to right). The red laser light waves below serve as a frame of reference, so researchers can observe the momentum of the electron as it gets farther from the atom. Image courtesy of Robert Jones, University of Virginia.

The work funded by The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science

Congratulations to Prof. DiMauro, Prof Agostini, their students, D. Kiesewetter, A. Camper, and B. Schoun, and their collaborator Professor R. R. Jones of University of Virginia!