Graduate Student, Jahmour Givans receives Honorable Mention from NSF

April 13, 2018
Jamour Givens image

We are pleased to announce that Jahmour Givans was recently awarded Honorable Mention in the NSF Fellows competition.  Jamour's current research focuses on studying baryon acoustic oscillations (BAOs), sound waves from the early universe, which provide a "standard ruler" for measuring distances on cosmological scales.  His advisor, Prof. Chris Hirata, was the coauthor on a paper that discovered an effect which can slightly shrink or stretch the BAO distance scale.  Jahmour is responsible for determining how that "streaming velocity" effect will influence the distances inferred from looking at future experimental data.

 "I'm grateful to the NSF for believing that my research project merited an honorable mention. With this award, I am granted NSF supercomputer access which will be valuable as I get further along in my research. Thank you to all those who supported me during this process" - Jahmour Givans.

Congratulations Jahmour!