Chowdhury Group wins DURIP award

May 7, 2018
Chowdhury image

Chowdhury group wins $0.26 million DURIP grant for building a Time Resolved Atomic Probe of Surfaces (TRAPS) system

Chowdhury, in collaboration with Gupta and Schumacher, has won a 2018 DURIP (Defense University Research Instrumentation Program) award to build a Time Resolved Atomic Probe of Surfaces (TRAPS), a unique custom system that incorporates various ultra-fast laser sources of Chowdhury Lab with a commercially available atomic resolution surface probe (scanning tunneling microscope and atomic force microscope) to study ultra-short pulse laser induced surface defect state dynamics and incorporate the experimental results to existing laser damage modeling framework for a more robust and predictive femtosecond laser damage simulation capability. The TRAPS instrument would be used to enhance the scope of research and capability of Chowdhury’s existing (2016-2020) $1.3 million Air Force Office of Scientific Research grant titled, “Fundamentals of femtosecond laser induced damage of solids: advancement through experimental, computational and theoretical development”. More details of the physics to be studied by the TRAPS system is available at Chowdhury website (