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Dial a local phone number (614 area code)
First dial 9, then the main number:
              9 + 614-4567
Dial a toll-free 800 number
First dial 9, then the entire 1-800 number:
             9 + 1-800-123-4567
Dial a long-distance number
Dial 1 + + area code + number
Fill out a PURPLE Grad Student Key Request Form located in the Physics front office at the main desk and kept under the package rack on the cabinet behind it. Please see below for appropriate signature(s) noted below as well as also listed on the form.
If keys are in stock, we can fulfill your request in 2 to 4 days. If we have to order you a key to be made by the Key Control Office, it is a minimum of 3 to 4 days to have the key fabricated and picked up and it usually is as long as 5 to 7 working days before you are contacted by phone by Mark Reed.
To follow up after7 working days on ALL submitted key requests & building access, please contact Mark Reed at reed@physics.osu.edu 292-6090
Office Keys
Get signature from Graduate Studies Office (Kris Dunlap or Jon Pelz in Kris’s absence.) and submit form to Mark Reed in Room 1146. (Please slide form under door if Mark is not in his office.)
ALL office assignments not located on the 3rd floor 1st/2nd year area are subject to the approval of the Chair of the Infrastructure Committee and the Graduate Studies office facilitates obtaining that approval.
Lab Keys for PRB and Smith Lab
Get signature from Research Advisor and submit form to Mark Reed in Room 1146. (Please slide form under door if Mark is not in his office.) No signature is needed from the Graduate Studies office (Kris Dunlap) for lab keys.
Lost Keys
Report by email all lost keys to Kris Dunlap (dunlap.151) AND Mark Reed (reed@physics.osu.edu), obtain an purple key request form from the front desk and follow the same signature procedures but note at top of form “Lost Key Replacement”.
Building Access for New BuckID Card:
Fill out purple key request form from Front Desk and note "NEW BUCK ID" on top of form. Take completed form to Phil Davids and leave under his door in PRB 1144 if he is not there. Graduate Studies office does not need to sign these so you will take them directly to Phil for updating for building access.
File Cabinet & Overhead Bin Keys
1 key for your cabinet and bin set should found in the overhead bin lock, laying inside the empty overhead cabinet or left in top drawer tray of file cabinet under desk. If you are missing a key, please report it to Kris Dunlap to contact prior desk occupant and/or to order a replacement key. When you move to a new office, please leave this key behind in one of the places mentioned.
Key Turn In: for when you move offices or leave OSU
Moving Offices: your cabinet key must be left in your old office leaving your Haworth key in the overhead bin lock, laying inside the empty overhead cabinet or leave it in top drawer tray of file cabinet under desk. Your new office key will not be issued without verification that you have left this key or that you have reported it missing.
Contacts: Mark Reed reed@physics.osu.edu 292-6090
Phil Davids davids.13@osu.edu 292-0207
If you have a building/maintenance emergency (Flood, Fire, Other Hazard to your person or health) you should contact 2-Help (292-4357) immediately. They can reach Mark and Phil any time day or night. Also alert the Main Office Front Desk at 292-5713 or frontdesk@physics.osu.edu
  •  Planned Building Maintenance issues and updates for any Building problems are sent out from Physics Facility Information email address and the Grad Student main list serv is a part of the list the facility group uses.
  •  If you smell a really bad sewer type odor in the restrooms, research labs or in one of the lab hallway, this can be fixed by pouring a bottle of water down the drain or you can report it to Mark Reed and Phil Davids for building maintenance and they will pour water down the drain. The dry trap can dry out, particularly in the summer when the HVAC is running the air conditioning extensively during high outside temperature days. Same thing happens in winter with really cold outside temperatures that cause the heating to be running extensively. The building does a 100% air exchange several times an hour so this is a lot of air moving through the building and it can dry out these drain traps over time.
  •  Clogged sink or toilet should be reported Mark and Phil
  •  Broken furniture in your office should be reported to Phil and Mark for repair or replacement.
  •  Door lock(s) not functioning properly (hard to get key to work in lock), contact Mark and Phil and they will request Key Control to come reset the lock pins.
  •  Burnt out lights in offices or labs should be reported to Mark and Phil


Working late in the PRB?

Up to 3 am you can contact Student Safety/Escort Service at 292-3322. Please visit http://www.ps.ohio-state.edu/sss/index.html for full info. Note the Grad Studies Office does NOT recommend working after 3 am as there is no student safety service available. Please note that there are lot and garagerestrictions for overnight parking (considered any car parked after 3 am) on campus. Please consult your CampusParc map for parking lots that allow parking after 3 am if you will be on campus all night to study or to work on your research.

Please maintain our sinks and sink areas as no one cleans them up after you. Follow the posted signs above sinks to what food items you should NOT put down the disposal. (No used coffee/tea grounds, noodles, rice or other starchy sticky food substance that could clog the drains.)

There is a locked Bike Room off of the loading docks where you can park your bike and it uses any PRB key.

The TA closet on the first floor should use any PRB key as will most of the small conference rooms.

Mail, Receiving Packages and Shipping

Mail box
Your mailbox (mail tray) is in the front office, in the mail room in PRB 1040 (the main office.)
Receiving Packages:
  • you can have packages sent to the department.  suggest you use the following format for the shipping address: Ohio State Univ. Dept. of Physics; your name; 191 W. Woodruff Ave. RM 1080; Columbus, Ohio 43210
  • The Front Desk will check in packages and contact you by email to come pick them up Monday-Friday 8-5pm.
  • There is a package log sheet at the front desk on a clipboard to sign for receipt of your package.
  •  A communal location for packing materials exists in the southwest corner of the PRB on the first floor. You can leave deconstructed boxes and peanuts/paper here for recycling. Conversely, you can come here to obtain a box and packing materials. Box cutters and packing tape are provided at the bin.
  •  Securely pack your shipment.
  •  Bring the shipment to your administrator, along with the address and recipient’s name. Inform the administrator of the contents, their purpose, etc.
  •  International shipments are more complicated due to claiming tax duties, crossing borders, etc. Please cooperate with your administrator and provide as much detail as possible.
  •  Your administrator will use the OSU UPS portal to create the shipping label and should mail the shipment on your behalf.
  •  If you would like the tracking information, this should be provided to your administrator upon shipment and s/he can forward it to you at your request.

Change in Health Insurance Coverage

Change health insurance coverage.  If you have a qualifying event, please visit shi.osu.edu and go to the Important Forms link to find the form to change your coverage. This should be filed within 31 days of your change of status. Qualifying events include turning 26 and coming off your parent's coverage, adding or removing a spouse (marriage or divorce) and adding a child (birth or adoption.)

OSU Acronyms

AFM- Atomic Force Microscope
A/P- Accounts Payable
ASC- Arts and Sciences
BAFM- Bruker Atomic Force Microscope
BSC- Business Services Center
BOSC- Breakfast of Science Champions
CCAPP- Center for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics
CEM- Center for Emergent Materials
CEOF- Campus Electron Optics Facilities
CME- Condensed Matter Experimental
CMT- Condensed Matter Theory
CVD- Chemical Vapor Deposition system
ECE- Electrical and Computer Engineering
EHRD- Education and Human Resources Development/Diversity
EMNL- Electronic Materials and Nanostructures Lab
ENCOMM- Center for Exploration of Novel COMplex materials
FIB- Focused Ion Beam (aka SEM)
FOD- Facilities Operation/Development
GRA- Graduate Research Assistant
GTA- Graduate Teaching Assistant
IFW Dresden- Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research
IMR- Institute for Materials Research
IRG- Interdisciplinary Research Group
LTMT- Low-Temperature MagnetoTransport measurement system
MAPS- Mathematical and Physical Sciences MSE- Materials Science Engineering
NanoMPC- Nanoscale Materials Processing Center
NSL- NanoSystems Laboratory
NTW- NanoTech West
OSC- Ohio Supercomputer Center
OR- Office of Research
OSP- Office of Sponsored Programs (OSURF)
OSU- Ohio State University
OSURF- OSU Research Foundation (aka OSP)
PER- Physics Education Research
PGSC- Physics Graduate Student Council
PI- Principal Investigator
PO- Purchase Order
PPMS- Physical Properties Measurement System
PRB- Physics Research Building
SEAL- Semiconductor Epitaxy and Analysis Laboratory
SEL- Science and Engineering Library
SEM- Scanning Electron Microscope (aka FIB)
SPS- Society of Physics Students
SQUID- Superconducting QUantum Interference Device
SSR- Smith Seminar Room (room 1080)
SWiP-Society of Women in Physics
XRD- X-Ray Diffractomer