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Liquid Helium Rates

The Physics Liquid Helium Reliquefication Facility conducts collection of the Helium gas runoff from the scientific instruments in the participating laboratories in the Physics Research Building (PRB). The collected gas is subsequently re-liquified and delivered again to the participating users in PRB. Helium gas recapture and reliquification reduces the cost of liquid Helium available for deliveries to participating users when compared to the current market price. Liquid Helium for operations where Helium gas collection is not possible is ordered directly from the external supplier at a market price. With questions about Helium liquid orders for already participating labs in PRB, about joining the Helium gas collection program for new PRB users and about ordering liquid Helium directly from the external supplier for non-participating labs in PRB, please contact Dr. Nicholas Mazzucca (mazzucca.1@osu.edu). 


Fiscal Year 2024 Rates

Liquid Helium for participating users* - $15/liter

The current market price of liquid Helium for direct orders* - $20.94/liter

Dewar rental fee* - $1.483/day


*Liquid Helium for participating users is delivered in 100 Liter storage dewar filled to about the requested amount. For details, please contact Dr. Nicholas Mazzucca (mazzucca.1@osu.edu). 


*Direct liquid Helium order cost will also include Helium dewar rental fee and the dewar delivery charge. The amount of the delivery charge depends on the vendor and is determined upon the dewar delivery. Usually, this amount does not exceed $100/dewar for scheduled deliveries. Rush deliveries are possible but the delivery charge might run as high as $500-$800/dewar. The current rate for dewar rentals is $1.483/day. Liquid Helium for direct orders can be delivered in 60 Liter or 100 Liter dewars. 

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