Graduate Travel Funding Requests

Graduate Travel Funding Requests

As a result of several donations in support of graduate student research and development, the Physics Department is able to offer some funding to help Physics graduate students to present at conferences, workshops, and colloquia. Much more limited travel funding may be available if a presentation will not be given. Here is some more information about criteria to be used to determine funding awards:

  • Preference will be given to students who have no other options for funding, or who are able to secure matching funds from other sources. 
  • Due to limited funding, requests for Dept. funding greater than $2000 will need extra justification. 
  • Travel funding requests must be submitted at least 1 month prior to and no sooner than 1 year before the initial date of travel.
  • Students may not receive travel funding more than once per year.
  • Recipients of travel funding will be expected to write a thank you note to the donor, including some information about how the funding helped / will help their career.
  • At one Donor’s request, preference may be given to students doing research in theoretical or experimental condensed matter research, but travel funding requests from graduate students working in all research areas will be considered. 

Submit your request via email to me as Physics Graduate Studies Chair (, with copy to Kris Dunlap (, Crystal Moloney (, and Bob Concitis (, and put as the subject “Travel Funding Request from [your name] for [initial date of travel]”.  


Fill out the attached .docx file with the information requested below and attach to the email: 

(1)          Your Name, year you started in the OSU grad program, primary research area, and name of your advisor

(2)          the dates and location and of the conference, workshop, colloquium, or other event

(3)          The tentative title of your presentation 

(4)          A brief statement about how attendance will advance your research or professional development 

(5)          Confirmation that you have requested or been accepted to present a talk or poster. If the presentation has not yet been accepted, provide an estimated date that acceptance will be confirmed.

(6)          The amount requested from Physics travel funds. Requests over $2000 needs additional justification. 

(7)          The amount of funds from other sources (if available) for attendance, and the origin of the other sources (name of travel award, your advisor, etc.)