Graduate Awards


We are beyond proud of every Physics graduate student who receives an award, and we want to acknowledge them here. 


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Graduate Awards


The Bunny and Thomas Clark Scholarship Endowment Fund was established July 7, 2006, by a gift from Bunny & Tom Clark for the purpose of furthering the diversity mission in the department for undergraduate and graduate students.

2019:  Emilio Codecido (Jeanie Lau), Kelly Luo (Roland Kawakami) 

 2018: Shaun Hampton (Samir Mathur)

2017: Shirley Li (John Beacom)  

2016: Anne Benjamin (Jay Gupta)

2012: Marci Howdyshell (R. Sooryakumar)

2010: Emily Sistrunk (Lou DiMauro)

2009: Huichao Song (Ulrich Heinz)

2008: Sarah Parks (Zeke Johnston-Halperin)


The Presidential Fellowship is the most prestigious award given by the Graduate School. Recipients of this award embody the highest standards of scholarship in the full range of Ohio State's graduate programs. 

Sp2020: Yang Cheng, Liping He

Au2019: Aidan Lee

Sp2019: Shi Che

Sp2018: Kelly Luo

Au2017: Josh Furguson, Shaun Hampton, Meng Keng Yuan

Sp2017: Beth Bushong, Tim McCormick

Au2016: Zhou Wang

Sp2016: Shirley Li

Au2015: Dane Hudson Smith

Sp2015: Kenny Ng

Au2014: Eric Suchyta

Sp2014: Kaikai Zhang

Au2013: Archana Anandakrishnan

Sp2013: Mark Patrick, William Cole

Au2012: Chun Shen, Oinam Nganba Meetei

Sp2012: Weiran Li

Au2011: Marek Simon, Aaron Chen

Sp2011: Greg Vierira

Au2009: Taeyoung Choi

Sp2009: Matthew Kistler




The Dr. Clifford Heer Graduate Student Scholarship Award Fund in the Department of Physics was established September 21, 2007, with gifts in memory of Professor Emeritus Clifford Heer (B.S.Phys., 1942; Ph.D., 1949) from his wife, Esther Heer (B.S., 1949) and other family members for the purposes of recognizing scholarship in the field of Physics.

  2017: Ginny Cochran (Doug Schumacher), Stanley Steers (Tom Lemberger), Anne Benjamin (Jay Gupta)

  2016: Shirey Li (John Beacom), Nicolas Scozzaro (Chris Hammel), Michael Page (Chris Hammel)

  2014: Shirley Li (John Beacom)

  2012: Heer: Archana Anandakrishnan (Stuart Raby), Justin North (Michael Poirier).  DeMartini: David Gohlke (Jay Gupta)

  2010: Heer: Adam Hauser (Fengyuan Yang) and Inhee Lee (Chris Hammel). DeMartini: Robert Forties (Michael Poirier)

  2009: Heer: Donghun Lee (Jay Gupta), Taeyoung Choi (Jay Gupta) 


Ennesser,  Lauren (2017)

Caulfield, Ryan (2016)

Clark, Brian (2014)

Hendricks, Khalida (2013)

Rowland, James (2013)

Brinson, Jessica (2010)

Rajaram, Sara (2010)

Steers, Stanley (2010)

Swanson, Mason (2009)

Teeling, Richelle (2009)

Szafruga, Urszula  (2009)

Wendt, Kyle, (2009) DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship


Graduate Student Award for Mentoring Excellence

This award was created to honor an advanced graduate student who provides exemplary and effective mentoring for undergraduate and/or new graduate students.  The nature of the mentoring may include mentees’ personal, professional, and/or academic success. 

2020: Humberto Gilmer, Noah Charles