Climate and Diversity Committee


Active Surveys

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Mission Statement 

The Climate and Diversity Committee will help the Department foster and sustain a diverse community of scholars and staff. The Committee also will help to ensure that the Department maintains a professional work environment that encourages respectful interchange between all members regardless of background or career status.


The Climate and Diversity Committee will identify departmental, university, or other resources or activities that could be applied to enhance the professional climate of the Physics Department.  The Committee will work to identify challenges caused by policies or practices that might detract from diversity or climate, and recommend changes.  Importantly, the Committee and its members will provide a resource for all members of the Department when challenges arise.

Climate and Diversity Committee (2019-2020)

The committee consists of representatives of all constituent groups of the Physics Department (undergraduates, grad students, postdocs, staff and faculty).

Jay Gupta (Faculty, Chair)
Ralf Bundschuh (Faculty)
Linda Carpenter (Faculty)
Chris Hill (Faculty)
Klaus Honscheid (Faculty)
Roland Kawakami (Faculty)
Katie Ferrell (Staff)
Ruth Leonard (Staff)
Chandrodoy Chattopadhyay (Post-doc)
Lauren Ennesser (Graduate Student)
Daram Ramdin (Graduate Student)
Liz Fuller (Undergraduate Student)
Caitlin Patterson (Undergraduate Student)

The committee welcomes input from all members of the department, particularly regarding problems and areas of concern, suggested activities, or changes to make the department more inclusive.  Members of the committee understand that these discussions are often very sensitive.  We will protect confidentiality (including withholding information from other members of the committee if it could identify specific individuals) to the extent allowed by University policy and the law.  In particular, faculty and other members of the committee with supervisory roles must report instances of sexual harrassment to the OSU Title IX office; all members of our community have a duty to report sexual assault.  Members of the committee can direct you to a licensed confidential resource if you choose.