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Autumn 2018


Spring 2018

Friday, February 2 @ 1:00pm

Solid-state Femtosecond Ho:YAG Thin-disk Laser Enabling Simultaneous 5–20 µm Infrared Frequency Comb Generation
Oleg Pronin, Ludwig-Maximilinas-Universit
äte Müchen

Friday, March 16 @ 2:00pm  

Ultrafast Extreme Ultraviolet Photoemission Without Space Charge
Thomas Allison, Stony Brook University

Friday, April 27 @ 2:00pm

Nonlinear Photocurrents in Two-demensional Ferroelectrics and Beyond
Benjamin Fregoso, Kent State University

Friday, May 21 @ 2:00pm in 1080 Smith Seminar room

Extreme Optics of Hyperbolic Dispersion Metamaterials 
Giuseppe Strangi, Case Western University


Autumn 2017

Friday, October 13 @ 2:00p

"Extraordinary Difusion at Ultrafast Timescales: How Changing Electronic Structure Can Make Materials Move (Really Fast)"
Steve Yalisove, University of Michigan


Spring 2017

Friday,  May 5 @ 1:00pm in 4138 PRB

"Ions and Photons for Quantum Information"
Steven Olmschenk (Denison University)

Friday, May 12 @ 2:00pm in 1080 PRB-Smith Seminar room

"Optical Nanofibers: A Platform for Quantum Optics"
Luis Orozco (University of Maryland)


Monday, May 15 @ 2:00pm in 4138 PRB

"Ultrafast Laser Pulse-Shaping and Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy"
Gennady Rasskazov (Michigan State University)