Dr. Roberto C. Myers

Associate Professor

Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dept. of Physics (courtesy)

Areas of Expertise
  • Shortwavelength intersubband transitions in GaN/AlN superlat
  • Spectroscopy of inter- and intraband optical transitions in
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy growth of III-Nitride heterostructure
  • Thermal spintronics: spin-Seebeck effect in GaMnAs
  • Polarization-induced diodes in graded nanowires
  • Three-dimensional nanowire heterostructures
  • Ph.D. Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara - 2006
  • B.S.E. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - 2001

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Watts Hall, 476
2041 College Rd
Columbus, OH 43210