Prof. Dongping Zhong named President of International Organization for Chinese Physicists and Astronomers (OCPA)

February 5, 2019

Dongping Zhong, Robert Smith Professor of Physics and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Ohio State has recently been named President of the OCPA (International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomer) for 2019-2020).  Dongping was Vice President (2017-2018) and Secretary in general (2015-2016).  The OCPA is the largest scientific overseas Chinese society, established in 1990 and strongly endorsed by Nobel laureates T.D. Lee and C.N. Yang.  The society has strong interactions with the APS, especially holding the biennial meeting in Asia.  Dongping will be the organizer of the meeting held in 2020 in Taiwan.  History of the OCPA

Congratulations Dongping!