Physics PhD Graduate, Terri Brandt, named Deputy Chief Scientist for the Physics of the Cosmos (PCOS) Program Office at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

January 11, 2017
Terri Brandt image

Terri Brandt who was advised by Prof. Jim Beatty and graduated from OSU with her PhD in 2009, has recently been appointed as the new Deputy Chief Scientist for the PCOS Program Office at NASA Goddard.  Terri began at NASA Goddard in 2011 as a research astrophysicist and worked on the Fermi and SuperTIGER teams as well as serving on the Science Director's Council.  Most recently she has been serving at NASA HQ as Deputy Program Scientist for Astrophysics Theory among other duties including supporting diversity and inclusion at NASA.

Her research interests range from building balloon-borne particle astrophysics experiments to high energy gamma-ray data analysis, and from traditional optical astronomy to high energy physics in beam lines.

Congratulations Terri!