Physics Staff Advisory Committee (PSAC)


The mission of the PSAC is to address issues of importance to Physics staff; to give timely feedback and make recommendations to the Chair; to facilitate communication within the Department; and to build community among Physics staff and faculty.  Click here to see the ByLaws of the Physics Staff Advisory Committee

Who we are

2020-2021 Committee

Ruth Leonard

Raju Nandyala

J.D. Wear

Christina Jackson

Current projects 

  • Suggestion Box – Educate staff about the suggestion box including location.
  • Pot Luck – PSAC will be sponsoring a quarterly staff potluck get-together- These potlucks have been a quarterly tradition and have been very successful.  Usually held during finals week. - ongoing
  • Department Communication – Department communication has been an ongoing issue. PSAC currently working on a solution to getting information out or at least in one place so everyone can find it. - ongoing

Past projects

  • Staff Lounge – New Staff Lounge space has been secured on the fourth floor. 
  • Display Monitor for Atrium – Requesting a display monitor for the atrium area to display current activities in the PRB including seminars and colloquium. - installed
  • Shirts – The Polo Shirt project was a great success.  Daily staff are seen proudly wearing their Physics Dept. shirts. 
  • AED in Atrium - PSAC advocated and did the research and recommendations for the installation of the AED located in the Atrium
  • ASC Staff Advisory Committee – Members of PSAC will attend meetings to keep up with the current activities being pursued by the ASC SAC.

Departmental Process Improvement

The department chair has requested that the PSAC examine departmental processes with an eye toward improvement. Improvement may take several forms including faster, more transparent, more accurate, or other metrics as may apply. Constructive suggestions will be welcomed.

Chair search committee representation 

PSAC worked with Dean Platz to obtain additional staff representation on the 2008 Physics Chair Search Committee. A staff representative (Phil Davids) was an integral part of the 2016 Physics Chair Search.

Interested in serving on the Physics Staff Advisory Committee?

Contact Ruth Leonard.

Contact us

If you wish to contact the PSAC, you may send email to all of us via You may also contact any of us individually. For anonymous comments regarding department issues, we recommend that you address your comment to PSAC and place it in the suggestion box in the main office.