Past Distinguished Staff Awardees


The John G. Whitcomb Distinguished Staff Awards are given annually to recognize exceptional accomplishments, leadership, and service to the Department of Physics and its missions of research, teaching and service.  We have a very talented staff and many of our award winners have gone on to win the University Distinguished Staff Award as well.  Previous recipients of the award are:

2007:  Ed Adelson, Melanie Holbert and Brian Keller

2008: Terry Bradley, John Spaulding and Michael Wells

2009:  Kent Ludwig, Robin Patterson, Kris Dunlap

2010:  Keith Emptage, John W. Langkals, Brenda Mellett

2011: Yavonne McGarry, Bob Wells, Harold Whitt

2012: Stephanie Arend, Mark Reed, Lindsey Thaler

2013: Arnay Tate, Dick Noll, Josh Gueth

2014: Lisa Colarosa, Kristina Dunlap, Eric Robbins

2015: Bryan Dunlap, Pete Gosser, Shirley McClung

2016: Mallory Aliff, Becky Daskalova, Brad Hefner

2017:  Crystal Moloney, Denis Pelekhov, Christopher Porter

2018:  Kathleen Ferrell, Genevra Finnell, Rachel Page, Shelley Palmer

2019: Phil Davids, Ruth Leonard, Raju Nandyala                                                                                                                               

2020: Andrew Canale, Sharvil Desai, Camelia Selcu

2022: Lori Arnold, Margie Farrell, June Sprowls


BOLD FACE Indicates University Distinguished Staff Award Winners