Career Placement


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For a first pass at looking at potential career resources for physics students, please take a look at our Physics Undergraduate tab for some career resources located at:

Please visit the Graduate School's web page for resources more related to students pursuing Master's and PhDs. This includes a resource they continue to develope called the Versitle Ph.D. which is the first link on their Career Development web page, and is helpful for considering non acadmemic or traditional careers.


The College of Arts and Sciences has a website that includes many useful links such as for resume writing tips and upcoming career fairs as well as job searching resources. This website has a log of good information available so please take advantage of the assistance it can offer. You can also make an appointment with an advisor in that office for some individualized assistance.

The American Physical Society and the Americian Institute of Physics both offer rescources specific to the field of Physics and those resources can be found at:    

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The Career Counseling and Support Services web site lists relevant, on and off campus, career resources to assist graduate students in their career decision making processes


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last updated October 2016