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At The Ohio State University you will find the faculty, facilities and financial support to help you achieve your goals. We offer a solid foundation in physics that includes course work in a diverse range of specializations covering every facet of contemporary physics research. Our faculty members conduct research in a broad range of areas, including astrophysics; atomic, molecular and optical physics; biophysics; condensed matter physics; high energy physics; string theory; nuclear physics; and physics education research.
Ohio State’s Department of Physics has recruited nationally and internationally distinguished faculty members who have garnered numerous awards. The department is proud to claim two Nobel Laureates and a National Academy of Sciences member, two Max Planck Award winners, four chaired professors, three Distinguished University Professors and 16 winners of young investigator awards, including the Presidential Young Investigator, National Young Investigator and Outstanding Junior Investigator awards.
The most recent ranking of physics departments by the National Research Council places Ohio State (approximately) 24th nationally and 13th among public universities.

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