Physics Education Seminars

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Autumn 2018

Thursday, November 8 - 1080 Physics Research Building-Smith Seminar room

               "Facilitating Thinking and Learning in and Beyond the Classroom"
               Chandralekha Singh, University of Pittsburgh

Spring 2017

Autumn 2016

Wednesday, September 14 @ 3PM in the Smith Seminar Room

               "IMPACT: helping middle school sciience teachers change"
               Gordon Aubrecht, The Ohio State University


Wednesday, October 19 @ 3PM in the Smith Seminar Room

              "Multiplex Network Analysis of Student Interactions in an Introductory Physics Course"
              Adrienne Traxler, Wright State

Thursday, October 27 @ 3PM in 4138 PRB

              "The Maiden Voyage of a Kinematic Robot"
              Matt Greenwolfe, Cary Academy

Wednesday, November 9 @ 3PM in the Smith Seminar Room

             "Assessment Reform, Moving Toward Performance Based Assessment"
             Yuhfen Lin, California State Univeristy, Chico  


Spring 2016

Wednesday, February 24 @ 2:30pm

            "The Next Generation Science Standards: Implications of Implementation and          Opportunities for Collaboration"
            Amy Schiebel, Edgewood College


Thursday, March 24 @ 2:30pm in SM2180 

           "Increasing the Impact of Undergraduate STEM Educational Innovations"
           Charles Henderson, Western Michigan University   


Autumn 2015

Wednesday, September 23 @ 10:30am - Smith Seminar Room

          "Moving Physics Education Forward: Developing the Next Generation of Physics

          J.T. Laverty, Michigan State

Wednesday, October 21 @ 2:30pm - Smith Seminar Room - CANCELLED

          Lei Bao, The Ohio State University

Wednesday, November 4 @ 2:30pm - Smith Seminar Room

          "Escaping Bear and Snail:How Ready Are Engineering Students For Puzzle-Based Learning?"
          Bayram Akarsu, The Ohio State University  

Wednesday, December 2 @ 2:30PM - 4138 PRB

          "The Differences Amount Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Terms of Historical Knowledge
          For Science Teaching"

          Hyatt Seker, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

Spring 2015

Wednesday, January 21

          "Promoting Physics Student Reflection via Reading Logs and Learning Commentaries"
Kathleen Falconer, Buffalo State University

Wednesday, March 11


Wednesday, April 8

          "I Teach Problem Solving:  What Does This Mean and How Do we Do It?"
          Dave Maloney, IPFW

Wednesday, April 22

          "Using Physics Education Research to Investigate Student Use of Computational Modeling"
          Marcos (Danny) Caballero, MSU


Autumn 2014

Wednesday, September 24

           "Task Analysis and Instructrional Design: Being a Professioinal Novice"
           Richard Catrambone, Georgia Institute of Technology


Wednesday, October 22

"Can Innovative Technologies Be Utilized to Measure Student Engangement Within a Course?"
Rebecca Lindell, Purdue University

Wednesday, November 18

"Examining Student Conceptions and Intuitions in Intermediate Mechanics: An Example in Linear Oscillations"    
Brad Ambrose, Grand Valley State University

Wednesday, December 10

            "Role of Multiple Representations in Physics Problem Solving"
           Alexandru Maries, University of Pittsburgh


Spring 2014

Thursday, January 16

"Physical and Non-physical Explanations of the Star of Bethlehem"
Aaron Adair, Ohio State University Department of Physics

Thursday, January 30

Jim Fowler, Ohio State University Department of Mathematics

Thursday, March 27

           "The Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP)"
            Kathleen Falconer, Buffalo State University

Monday, April 7, 11:00a, 4138 PRB

"Teaching the Physics of Sports: Experiences of a nuclear physicist"
Michael Lisa, The Ohio State University - Dept. of Physics

 Tuesday, April 15

"Physicists in the Classroom: What we do, what we say, and what we mean"
Scott Franklin, Rochester Institute of Technology

 Friday, April 18

"Introductory physics course redesign: Is it time to flip?"
Homeyra Sadaghiani, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


Autumn 2013

Wednesday, September 25

"Physics Student Identity Development in Crucible Courses"   
Eleanor Sayre, Kansas State University Department of Physics

Tuesday, November 5

"A Tutoring System that Simulates the Highly Interactive Nature of Human Tutoring during Physics Post-Problem Solving Discussions"
Pamela Jordan University of Pittsburgh Learning Research and Development Center

Wednesday, November 13

Physics Education Seminar - David Pritchard Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4138 PRB - 11:40 am 

Spring 2013

Friday, March 7

  Beth Lindsey, Penn State Greater Allegheny

Friday, April 25

  "Inquiry-Based Teaching for U.S. and Japanese Elementary School Science: Two Views, Two Practices"
Sachiko Tosa, Wright State University



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