Physics Colloquium Schedule 2019 - 2020


Colloquia at 3:45 p.m. in Robert Smith Seminar Room
1080 Physics Research Building - Reception at 3:30 p.m. in Atrium

AU2018-SP2019 Colloquium Committee Members | Spring 2019 | Autumn 2019
Spring 2020

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AU2018-SP2019 Colloquium Committee Members

DiMauro - Chair
Keith McBride - Grad student rep 

Robin Patterson, Coordinator

Spring 2019

Tuesday, January 8

      Lighting the Way - Perspectives on the 2018 Physics Nobel Prize
Linn Van Woerkom - The Ohio State University
      Host: Lou DiMauro

Tuesday, January 15

      Prediction: Will Japan Choose to Build the International Linear Collider (ILC)?
      Hasan Padamsee - Cornell University
      Faculty host: Lou DiMauro

Tuesday, January 22

       Special colloquium

Tuesday, January 29

       Special colloquium

Tuesday, February 5

      Searching for Particle Dark Matter
      Tim Tait, University of California, Irvine
      Faculty host: Antonio Boveia     

Tuesday, February 12 -  no colloquium

Tuesday, February 19

      Mysteries in the Meson System
Ryan Mitchell, Indiana University
      Faculty host: Eric Braaten

Tuesday, February 26 - CANCELLED

     How Much Time Does a Tunneling Atom Spend in the Forbidden Region?
Aephraim Steinberg, University of Toronto
     Faculty host: Dan Gauthier

Tuesday, March 5

     A Tabletop-scale Probe for TeV-scale Physics: The Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron
     David DeMille, Yale University
     Faculty host: Lou DiMauro

Tuesday, March 12 - spring break - no colloquium

Tuesday, March 19

      Generalization of the Boltzmann Distribution to Systems Out of Equilibrium
      Milo Lin, UT Southwestern Medical Center
      Faculty host: Dongping Zhong

Tuesday, March 26

      Ultrafast X-ray Lasers and Making Molecular Movies
Phil Bucksbaum, SLAC/Stanford
      Faculty host: Lou DiMauro  

Tuesday, April 2

      Next-generation Doppler Spectrometers
Cullen Blake, University of Pennsylvania
      Faculty host: Klaus Honscheid

Tuesday, April 9

      The Mysteries of a Two-dimensional Semimetal
David Cobden, Uinversity of Washington
      Faculty host: Marc Bockrath

Tuesday, April 16 - NO COLLOQUIUM

Tuesday, April 23

     A New Assessment of Mathematical Reasoning Development in Physics Instruction
     Suzanne White Brahmia, University of Washington
     Faculty host: Andrew Heckler

Tuesday, April 30 

    Radio Searches for Neutrinos at the Cosmic and Energy Frontiers

    Stephanie Wissel, Cal Poly
    Faculty host: Amy Connolly

Autumn 2019

Tuesday, August 27

      Opto-Optical Modulation: Controlling Absorption and Emission One Femtosecond at a Time
Ken Schafer, LSU
      Faculty host: Lou DiMauro

Tuesday, September 3

Tuesday, September 10

      Precision Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Ira Rothstein, Carnegie-Mellon University
      Faculty host: Eric Braaten

Tuesday, September 17

Natasha Holmes, Cornell
     Faculty host: Andrew Heckler

Tuesday, September 24

     Eva Andrei, Rutgers University
     Faculty host: Marc Bockrath

Tuesday, October 1

     Lars Bildsten
     Faculty host: John Beacom

Tuesday, October 8

Tuesday, October 15

    Allan MacDonald, UT Austin
    Faculty host: Marc Bockrath

Tuesday, October 22 - NO COLLOQUIUM due to Smith Lecture

Wednesday, October 23 - SMITH LECTURE

Steve Chu, LBNL

Tuesday, October 29

Tuesday, November 5

    Feng Wang, UC Berkeley
    Faculty host: Marc Bockrath

Tuesday, November 12

    A Centruy of Noether's Theorem
Chris Quigg, FermiLab
    Faculty host: Eric Braaten

Tuesday, November 19

Tuesday, November 26

    Mark Vogelsberger, MIT
    Faculty host: Annika Peter

Tuesday, December 3

    Mikhai Lukin, Harvard University
    Faculty host: Lou DiMauro

Spring 2020

Tuesday, January 17

Tuesday, January 14

Tuesday, January 21

Justin Kinney, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
     Faculty host: Annika Peter

Tuesday, January 28

Tuesday, February 4

Tuesday, February 11

Tuesday, February 18

Tuesday, February 25

Tuesday, March 3

Tuesday, March 17

Tuesday, March 24

Tuesday, March 31

Tuesday, April, 7

Tuesday, April 14

Tuesday, April 21

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