Physics Colloquium Schedule 2022


Colloquia at 3:45 p.m. in Robert Smith Seminar Room
1080 Physics Research Building - Reception at 3:30 p.m. in Atrium


2022 Colloquium Committee Members

Lisa - Chair 








Daniel Tuthill, graduate student representative 


Spring 2022

Tuesday, January 18

    First results from the Fermilab muon g-2 experiment
    Speaker: Renee Fatemi
    Faculty host: Michael Lisa

Tuesday, January 25

    The Magic of Moiré Quantum Matter
    Speaker: Pablo Jarillo-Herroro (MIT)
    Faculty host: Jason (Tin-Lun) Ho

Tuesday, February 1

    The black hole information paradox
    Speaker: Samir Mathur (OSU)
    Faculty host: Jason (Tin-Lun) Ho

Tuesday, February 8

    Atomistic Simulations of Point Defects in Semiconductors – Their Behavior and Consequences
    Speaker: Joel Varley (Lawrence Livermore)
    Faculty host: Leonard J. Brillson

Tuesday, February 15

    Exotic Heavy Hadrons at LHCb
    Speaker: Vanya Belyaev (ITEP Moscow)
    Faculty host: Eric Braaten

Tuesday, February 22

    Speaker: ______
    Faculty host: ______

Tuesday, March 1

    The Growing Danger of Nuclear Weapons (and how physicists can help)
    Speaker: Laura Grego (MIT and Union of Concerned Scientists)
    Faculty host: Michael Lisa

Tuesday, March 8

    Speaker: Scott Manalls
    Faculty host: Ralf Bundschuh

Tuesday, March 15

    Spring Break

Tuesday, March 22

    Slot to be Filled
    Speaker: "N. Nuclear"
    Faculty host: Michael Lisa

Tuesday, March 29

    Speaker: Yangyang Cheng (Yale)
    Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi

Tuesday, April 5

    Speaker: Jun Ye (JILA)
    Faculty host: Jason (Tin-Lun) Ho

Tuesday, April 12

    Speaker: Mitali Banerjee (EPFL, Lausanne, Zurich)
    Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi

Tuesday, April 19

    Speaker: Manuel Guizar Sicairos (Paul Scherrer Institute)
    Faculty host: Rolando Valdes Aguilar



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