Physics Colloquium Schedule 2016-2017



Colloquia at 4:00 p.m. - Reception at 3:45 p.m. in Atrium

Robert Smith Seminar Room - 1080 Physics Research Building

2017 Colloquium Committee Members | Spring 2017 | Autumn 2017  

2016 Colloquium Committee Members | Spring 2016 | Autumn 2016

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2017 Colloquium Committee Members:

Connolly - Chair
Michael Chilcote (.33) Graduate Student Rep

Robin Patterson, Coordinator


Spring 2017

Tuesday, January 10

Origin of Novel Physical Phenomena in Complex Oxides Probed by Positron Annihilation
Farida Selim, Bowling Green State University
Faculty Host: Leonard Brillson

Tuesday, January 17

          Data-driven Models of Stars
          David Hogg, NYU
          Faculty host: John Beacom

Tuesday, January 24

          The Mechanism of Molecular Motors
          Ahmet Yildiz, UC Berkeley
          Faculty host: Comert Kural       

Tuesday, January 31

          Understanding and Utilizing CRISPR Technology for Genome and Epigemone Manipulations
          Mazhar Adli, University of Virginia
          Faculty host: Comert Kural          

Tuesday, February 7 - No colloquium

Tuesday, February 14

          Entanglement of 3000 Atoms by One Photon - CANCELLED
          Vladan Vuletic, MIT
          Faculty host: Greg Lafyatis

Tuesday, February 21   

          Quantum Black Holes in the Sky
          Niayesh Afshordi, Perimeter Institute, Canada
          Faculty host: Samir Mathur

Tuesday, February 28

           Black Holes' Last Tango: LIGO and the Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
 David Reitz, CalTech Ligo
           Faculty host: Dan Gauthier

Tuesday, March 7 - No colloquium due to Smith Lecture on March 9

Tuesday, March 16 - No colloquium due to spring break

Tuesday, March 21

Hendrik Schatz, Michigan State University
          Faculty host:  Amy Connolly

Tuesday, March 28

          Dark Matter and How to Go About It
Rafael Lang, Purdue University
          Faculty host: Amy Connolly

Tuesday, April 4

          Emergent Complexity in the Universe: An Information-Entropic Approach
          Marcelo Gleiser, Darmouth
          Faculty host: 

Tuesday, April 11

          Lisa Everett, University of Wisconsin-Madison
          Faculty host: Stuart Raby 

Tuesday, April 18


Autumn 2017

Tuesday, August 29

Tuesday, September 5

Tuesday, September 12

Tuesday, September 19

           Linda Carpenter, The Ohio State University
           Faculty host: Amy Connolly

Tuesday, September 26

Tuesday, October 3

Tuesday, October 10

Tuesday, October 17

Tuesday, October 24

Tuesday, October 31

Tuesday, November 7

          Reserved (Michel Devoret)

Tuesday, November 14

          Reserved (Michel Devoret)

Tuesday, November 21 - No colloquium due to Thanksgiving holiday

Tuesday, November 28


Spring 2018

Tuesday, March 27

Ken Dill, Stoney Brook University
          Host: Ralf Bundschuh

2016 Colloquium Committee Members:

Johnston-Halperin - Chair
Michael Chilcote (Grad student rep)

Robin PattersonCoordinator


Autumn 2016

Tuesday, August 30

         The Status of Women in Physics
         Joan Herbers, The Ohio State University
         Faculty host:  Members of SWiP    

Tuesday, September 6

          Plasma-based GeV Lepton Accelerators
          Michael Downer, University of Texas at Austin
          Facutly host: Dan Gauthier

Tuesday, September 13

          The Quantum Limit of Magnetic Waves
          Michael Flatte', University of Iowa
          Faculty host: Zeke Johnston-Halperin

Tuesday, September 20

          Seeking Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos in Antarctica with the Radio Detection Technique
          Amy Connolly, The Ohio State University, Physics
          Faculty host: Jim Beatty

Tuesday, September 27

          Light-Matter Interactions in Engineered Optical Media
          Natalia Litchinister, University of Buffalo
          Faculty host: Dan Gauthier

Tuesday, October 4

          Li-ion Synaptic Transistor for Low Power Analog Computing (LISTA)
          Alec Talin, Sandia National Laboratory
          Faculty host: Len Brillson

Tuesday, October 11

          Crafting a Bose Insulator Out of a Superconductor
          James Valles, Brown University
          Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi

Tuesday, October 18

          Academic Innovation and Sustainability-The View from a Dean's Office
          Peter Lepage, Cornell University
          Faculty host: Andrew Heckler

Tuesday, October 25

          The Science-Journalism Duality: Behind the Scenes at Scientific American
          George Musser, Scientific American
          Faculty host: Samir Mathur

Tuesday, November 1

          Huge, Mind-Bending Quantum State of a Few Particles
          Chris Greene, Purdue
          Faculty host: Dan Gauthier

Tuesday, November 8

          Inside Graduate Admissions:  Merit, Diversity and Faculty Gatekeeping
          Julie Posselt, University of Southern California
          Faculty host:  Jon Pelz 

Tuesday, November 15

          Infectious Disease Dynamics Across Populations, Networks, Landscapes and Other Worlds
          Chris Myers, Cornell University
          Faculty host: Ralf Bundschuh

Tuesday, November 22 

           Light-matter Interaction at the Nanoscale
           Yi Luo, Hefei National Lab in China and Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
           Faculty host: Dongping Zhong 

Tuesday, November 29 - No colloquium


Spring 2016

Tuesday, January 12

          Quantum Networks of Atoms and Photons
          Chris Monroe, University of Maryland
          Faculty host: Dan Gauthier

Tuesday, January 19

          Quantum Sensing and Imaging with Diamond Spins
          Ania Bleszynski-Jayich, UCSB
          Faculty host: Jay Gupta

Tuesday, January 26

         "On Ising's Model of Ferromagnetism"
Peter Armitage, Johns Hopkins University
          Faculty host: Rolando Valdes Aguilar

Tuesday, February 2    

          Making Perfect (almost) Crystalline Materials for Spintronics-YIG Spin Pumping
Fengyuan Yang, The Ohio State University, Physics
          Faculty host: Chris Hammel

Tuesday, February 9

          Topological Internal Edge State in Bilayer Graphene
          Jun Zhu, Penn State 
          Faculty host: Jay Gupta

Tuesday, February 23

          Structural Insights Into Retroviral RNA Genomes
          Karin Musier-Forsyth, The Ohio State University (Chemistry)
          Faculty host: Michael Poirier

Tuesday, March 1

           The Ecomonic Value STEM Training and Research:  Initial Analyses
           Bruce Weinberg, The Ohio State Unviersity, Economics
           Faculty host: Zeke Johnston-Halperin

Tuesday, March 8

          The Science of the Electron Ion Collider: Exploring the Glue that Binds Us All
          Abhay Deshpande, Stony Brook University
          Faculty host:  Yuri Kovchegov

Tuesday, March 22

          Mechanobiology of a Cellular Uptake Pathway in Developing Tissues
          Comert Kural, The Ohio State University, Physics
          Faculty host: Dongping Zhong

Tuesday, March 29

           Deep, Dark, and Elusive: LUX and Direct Dark Matter Searches
           Kimberly Palladino, University of Wisconsin
           Faculty host: Amy Connolly

Tuesday, April 5

          Accelerating the Search for Cosmic Accelerations
          Amanda Weinstein, Iowa State University
          Faculty host: John Beacom

Tuesday, April 12

           What Lies Beyond the Standard Model
           Michael Dine, UC Santa Cruz
           Faculty host:  Stuart Raby

Tuesday, April 19

          Does Classical Entanglement Shift the Quantum-Classical Boundary?
          Joseph Eberly, University of Rochester
          Facutly host:  Dan Gauthier


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