Physics Colloquium Schedule 2021


Colloquia at 3:45 p.m. in Robert Smith Seminar Room
1080 Physics Research Building - Reception at 3:30 p.m. in Atrium

Spring 2021 | Autumn 2021

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Spring 2021/Autumn 2021 Colloquium Committee Members

Zhong - Chair
Megan Nieberding - grad student rep

Robin Patterson, Coordinator


Spring 2021

All colloquia this semester will be online

Tuesday, January 12

     Orbital Magnetism in Graphene Heterostructures
Andrea Young, University of California, Santa Barbara
     Faculty host: Brian Skinner

Tuesday, January 19

     Fairness, Equity, and Values in Grades and Grading
Andrew Heckler, The Ohio State University
     Faculty host:  Zeke Johnston-Halperin

Tuesday, January 26

     Transforming the Preparation of Physics Graduate Teaching Assistants
Emily Alicea-Muñoz, Georgia Tech
     Faculty host: Annika Peter

Tuesday, February 2

     Chasing Neutrinos, Nature's Ghost Particles
     Mônica Nunes, Syracuse University and Fermilab
     Faculty host:  Mike Lisa

Tuesday, February 9

     Cultivating Institutional Change in University Physics Departments
     Gina Quan, San Jose State University
     Faculty host: Annika Peter

Tuesday, February 16

     Heat Flow in Quantum Hall States
Moty Heiblum, Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel
     Faculty host:  Nandini Trivedi

Tuesday, February 23 

     Scientific Espionage, Open Exchange, and American Competitiveness
     Xiaoxing Xi, Temple University
     Faculty host: Brian Skinner

Tuesday, March 2 - NO COLLOQUIUM

Tuesday, March 9 

     Quantum Information Technologies: Quantum Computing and the Quantum Internet
Sophia Economou, Virginia Tech
     Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi

Tuesday, March 16 - APS March meeting week

Tuesday, March 23

    Physics Does Optimization, Surpassing the Computer Scientists at Their Own Game 
    Eli Yablonovitch, UC Berkeley
    Faculty host: Len Brillson 

Tuesday, March 30

     Topologically Ordered Matter and Why You Should be Interested
Steven Simon, Oxford University
     Faculty host: Brian Skinner

Tuesday, April 6

     Programmable Quantum Simulations with Laser-cooled Trapped Ions
     Kazi Rajibul Islam, University of Waterloo & The Institute of Quantum Computing  
Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi

Tuesday, April 13

     Guiding The Field of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
     Brittany Kamai,  UC Santa Cruz/Caltech
     Faculty host: Ulrich Heinz

Tuesday, April 20

     Beyond BCS: An Exact Model for Superconductivity and Mottness
     Philip Phillips, UIUC  
 Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi

Autumn 2021

Tuesday, August 31

Tuesday, September 7

Tuesday, September 14

    Mohit Randeria, Ohio State University
    Faculty host: Dongping Zhong

Tuesday, September 21

Tuesday, September 28

Tuesday, October 5

    Eun-ah Kim, Cornell University
    Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi

Tuesday, October 12

Tuesday, October 19

Tuesday, October 26

Tuesday, November 2 - Election Day

Tuesday, November 9

Tuesday, November 16

Tuesday, November 23

Tuesday, November 30

Tuesday, December 7


Spring 2020/Autumn 2020 Colloquium Committee Members

Zhong - Chair
Jahmour Givens - Grad student rep 

Robin Patterson, Coordinator

Autumn 2020

All colloquia this semester will be online

Tuesday, September 1

      Complexity & Emergence: The Challenge and Promise of the Collective Properties of Matter
James Analytis, UC Berkeley
      Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi

Tuesday, September 8

      Archimedes Brought to Light–Synchrotron X-ray Imaging of Ancient Writings
      Uwe Bergmann, Stanford 
      Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi  

Tuesday, September 15

      The Story of Spin in an Extreme Fluid 
      Jinfeng Liao, Indiana University
      Faculty host: Michael Lisa

Tuesday, September 22

      Super-resolution Microscopy on Cold Atoms in an Optical Lattice
Cheng Chin, University of Chicago
      Faculty host: Lou DiMauro

Tuesday, September 29

      The Smallest and Faintest Galaxies: Clues to the Nature of Dark Matter and Galaxy Formation
 Burçin Matlu Pakdil, University of Chicago
      Faculty host:  Annika Peter

Tuesday, October 6

      Properties of a Nanocomposite Consisting of a Mixture of a Liquid Crystal and a Magnetic Nanoparticle,   and Their Possible Use in MRI 
Luz J. Martinez-Miranda, University of Maryland
      Host: Kirsten Casey (Graduate Student)

Tuesday, October 13

     Watching Electrons Move at Interfaces: Visualizing Charge and Spin Dynamics Using Ultrafast XUV Spectroscopy
     Robert Baker, The Ohio State University, Dept of Chemistry
     Faculty host: Jay Gupta

Tuesday, October 20 - Alpheus Smith Lecture

     How Thinking Like A Geneticist Helped Me  Solve A 25 Year-Old Einstein-Type Problem In String Theory
Sylvester James Gates, Jr., Brown University

Tuesday, October 27

      A Case for Integrating Solar Geoengineering into Climate Policy
      David Keith, Harvard
      Faculty host: Brian Skinner

Tuesday, November 3 - ELECTION DAY - NO COLLOQUIUM

Tuesday, November 10

      Attomicroscopy: Attosecond Electron Imaging 
Mohammed Hassan, University of Arizona
      Faculty host: Dongping Zhong

Tuesday, November 17

      Building with Crystals of Light and Quantum Matter: From Clocks to Quantum Computers
Ana Maria Rey, University of Colorado
      Faculty host: Nandini Trivedi 

Tuesday, November 24

      Molecular Mechanics of Hearing
Marcos Sotomayor, The Ohio State University, Chemistry and BioChemistry
      Faculty host: Dongping Zhong

Tuesday, December 1

      Four Revolutions in Physics and a Second Quantum Revolution
Xiao-Gang Wen, MIT
      Faculty host: Yuanming Lu

Tuesday, December 8

      Simulating Galaxy Formation: Illustris, IllustrisTNG and Beyond
      Mark Vogelsberger, MIT
      Faculty host: Annika Peter

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